International Humanity Foundation

“Slow, quiet growth nurtures deep roots.”

– Carol Sasaki, Founder of International Humanity Foundation

Our Mission

“The International Humanity Foundation (IHF) is dedicated to two core missions:

1. Empowering Children: We focus on educating children in marginalized communities, providing them with the knowledge and skills to thrive.

2. Guiding Future Leaders: We also educate adults from diverse socio-economic backgrounds on how to establish and manage non-profit organizations, fostering leadership that champions positive change.

Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that nurturing globally aware leaders contributes to a brighter future for our youth, amplifying the voices of those who often go unheard. At IHF, we embrace steady, meaningful growth, nurturing one individual at a time.“


The International Humanity Foundation (IHF) is a 501 c3 Non- profit, RUNNING CENTERS SINCE 1984 and founded as an International non profit in 2001. We teach global leadership skills to adults while providing Education, Safe Homes and Community Centers that serve impoverished children and families in Indonesia, Kenya, and Thailand; as well as training in California, USA, in Nice, France; and through our Online Global Leadership Program. Since 1984 we have functioned entirely through the efforts of volunteers, students, sponsors, donors, and an Executive Leadership team from all over the world.


“We believe those who have survived hunger and abuse, as well as many other challenges (mental and physical)-have a very special in-depth knowledge and compassion. When this is combined with leadership skills: All countries and local communities benefit as they ” Pass It On”.
Our grown children, now wonderful adults, are living proof of this as they volunteer to help children as young as they once were in IHF. Our Adult Volunteers are also “students”, learning from their teams and experiences daily, passing on such lifelong lessons.
One of the tools IHF has always used, is “People-person-stories”: Sharing honestly, yet safely, our painful lessons, realities, as our lives expertise, without shame- as well as sharing joy. We do this in small groups and teams as well as through podcasts and in person.

Ihf believes Globally ( and locally) aware leaders build a better future for our youth, while giving a voice to the voiceless.
IHF believes in slow quiet growth with deep roots. IHF does NOT promote leadership as “being the best and standing out”– Not at all- rather IHF promotes leadership through very practical and needed skills, one individual and unique song at a time. Learning to join together and encourage others. We believe in the patience and safe environment needed to fail and fail again= allowing us the safe environment to practice leadership and directing skills, until we are great at it. We believe in providing the opportunity for this through small day to day moments that create different melodies for each persons unique leadership skills and style.
IHF believes in Life’s global symphony of learning and sharing, patiently, through practise, one step at a time for children and adults worldwide= our magnificent leaders of tomorrow.”

International Team

Since 1985, we have carried out our mission through teams of volunteers locally and around the world.
Here we are highlighting a few of those team me
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Interview with Carol Sasaki

Carol Sasaki speaks about the roots of IHF and the inspirational impact of a 100% volunteer-run organization.

Support Our IHF Centers’ Community Families

You can support our communities with just $3! A $3-a-month donation will go toward supplying families with basic, essential needs like health and food supplies during the COVID-19