Ade Sucipto

Hello I am Ade Sucipto, I am from International Humanity Foundation Jakarta, Indonesia. I would like to tell you my story life in IHF. Before coming to IHF I was a student of Yayasan Kuncup Mekar Wangi (Free Course For The Poor). In this Yayasan was the first time I met with IHF CEO, Carol. She came to this Yayasan and introduced herself and IHF to us. At that time I was still Senior High School student, and my financial wasn’t really good and it became problem for my education. Thank God I met with my mom, Carol (The IHF Founder) ya I used to call her mom. She asked me to join with IHF so that she could help me for my education and then I decided to join with IHF.

In IHF Jakarta center I wasn’t the only child who lived here. We were about nine children who stayed here at that time. We lived like a IHF Family because we ate, studied and played together. More over, we also have free course (Bimbel Gratis) program who’s still running until today for the poor and many students come to study in IHF. We have some classes running in our center such as English, Math, Computer and also Life skill. They’re so happy to study here because they learnsomething that they don’t get in their school such as computer lesson, learning english with the foreigners (Native Speaker) and also they’ve got many new friends.

Ya in IHF we have so many volunteers coming from all over the world such as America, Australia, England, China and etc. They come here with their own money. They come here to be a volunteer and help us to develop our skill and motivate us to keep studying so that we can reach our dreams. I felt lucky and grateful to become part of IHF Family because I have learned so many things from this wonderful place such as languages , many different cultures and also technology.

I am so thankful for what IHF has done to me and many Indonesian kids. It’s really meaningful for us. Today, I reached my dream with the help of IHF to become a teacher. I teach in a school called “Embun Pagi Islamic School” for elementary students. I teach English, Science and Math for my beloved students.

My job as a teacher made me couldn’t spend my much time again for IHF anymore again, but I am still helping IHF. In many ways. Now, I become board member of IHF to make sure that the IHF free classes program keep running well for the poor. Until today I am still meeting many amazing volunteers from Indonesia also from abroad.

I think this is the end of my life story in IHF Jakarta Family. I hope with the help of IHF volunteers we can make a better world together. Thank you so much mom & I can.