Apura Lotuw

My name is Moses Apura and I am 20 years old. I come from Chesirimion, a village in East Pokot.

 My mother passed away when I was young and my father had to take care of all six children of us, myself included as I was the last born. My father was a farmer but his little income could not sustain all our needs and so we did not have enough to cover our meals or money for school fees.

My village in Pokot did not value education and so my father preferred for me to take care of the livestock at home instead of going to school. My school was also far away which made it difficult for me. In 2006, Carol Sasaki visited our village with the aim of helping poor children through life skills and education and I was one of the chosen ones to be helped because of my keen interest in learning. From that moment we received food, donations and clothes. We were then told that there was somewhere being built for us to stay and that was the IHF in Pokot. I then met other children from different communities who were part of IHF.

 Life in IHF was different and better for me because I was getting education and food. I didn’t have to walk miles to school as it was closer, which would still allow me to do other activities such as farming and engage in sport activities such as football. One of the best things about my experience is that I have learnt the importance of education, how to speak different languages, that is, English and Kiswahili.

Moving to IHF Nakuru center was amazing because we had lights and ate a variety of food such as yoghurt and bread which was in the past very unusual. Nakuru was also a bit so cold compared to Pokot but the weather was good for farming activities and livestock keeping. The center was also convenient for sport activities.

At school I had to teach other kids about my community Pokot because they perceived it as a dangerous community. The new volunteers at the center were good people because they were caring and understanding. They made us realize our potential to achieve anything we wanted in life and helped us with our studies.

 I want to attain a Business Management degree because I have so much interest in developing the economy and participating in building the nation. Most of all I want to assist people who are like me who were raised in poverty, not only in Kenya but all over the world. I want to employ other people who are poverty stricken so they can have income and take care of their families that is, sustaining basic needs. I want to inspire other poor children and motivate them to focus on education because it is the key to bettering their lives. It is my greatest hope to get sponsorship and pass on the tradition of giving to other children like me.