Krop Ngoriadomo

Hello! My name is Vincent Krop Ngoriandomo. I am 20 years old and a first born in a family of 6 children (3, boys and 3 girls). I am from a small Pokot tribe residing in Baringo, Kenya a small country in Africa.

I vividly do remember my life story before I had the opportunity to join up with I.H.F with nostalgia. Firstly, my life situation was miserably unthinkable with no idea of what education was, I and my relatives never knew anything about writing or reading. We lived in a small village called Kadingding, my mum passed away while I was young and my father single handedly, had to take all the burden by himself, but I feel sorry to say that he was too much of a drunkard to even be able to provide us with basic needs.

 We had to go to our grandma’s home whereby life was a bit better despite the harsh environment that I had to do with by trying to adapt to it and with a lot of belief that I will overcome it all at some point. She was also struggling financially that sometimes she even had to eat nothing when the food wasn’t enough for us and her kids.

As time went on, I started having the feelings of being the only hope of those siblings and go on to find where my father is, I started wondering whether my father was still alive. We continued in the same scenario for some time with no hope of how I will start and where from, then at my tender age I was introduced to look after our neighbor’s only to cater some part of our needs. When I got used to being a herds boy, my chief (Amos) confronted my grandma about IHF.

 She used to dislike education for real and saw it in a different perspective, but I had to force them into accepting it, knowing that my chief wouldn’t cheat on me after having a short conversation with him. I accepted it and even went on to my chief’s home. And this really motivated me a lot to one day become a great example to everyone there.

In 2006, I was introduced straight away in class one in Chesirimion primary school without pre-school experience. I had to cope with that and by the end of the year I was able to be promoted to class two and with all my teacher’s motivations and words of praise about my potential, I never looked back but went on forward to even being the brightest in my class since class 4-8, this time I did it in Nakuru town where there is stiff competition due to high number of pupils from all over Kenya.

I did my primary school’s national exams in 2013 and I got an opportunity to join one of the best school’s in Nakuru. I started believing in my dreams at this point and in secondary school I carried on my brilliance by always being among the brightest. I did my last secondary school’s exam last year, and again I was lucky to be among the people who got call-ups to the universities and colleges.

In September 2018, I got enrolled in RVIST to pursue a course in Quantity Surveying and I hope everything including finances and cost of my education gets well till my graduation because that’s the challenge and for real, that’s my biggest aim as well as my short term goal. I chose this course because I had my passion in Civil engineering works, and I felt like getting to help to civilize and helping in building my community which I see as modernly left behind.

My long-term goal after my education, is getting to represent my community as one of the well-known engineers in the global world. And getting to help everyone who took part to educate me in my upbringing in any other possible way. And helping the less fortunate around this universe having, Carol Sasaki (Mummy), the founder of I.H.F as my all-time mentor in doing this, for she made me realize what education is and how powerful it is in equalizing everything. Lastly but not least, I am really so grateful to IHF for taking me this far for I can now believe and say that whatever seemed unreachable and unknown before is now almost coming to reality and my dreams of once being role model to my siblings has already taken shape not only to my relatives but to my whole community who are now having positively having an eye on me as I continue chasing my never seen before dreams. I am now trying my best to help keeping our center in the best way possible that I can and helping the other with their homework where possible. That’s my life’s short story up to this far.