Nyoro Kamama

My name is Nyoru Kamoyo and I am 18 years old, a Kenyan by nationality. I joined the International Humanity Foundation family (IHF) almost ten years ago. The chief of my village at a place called Chesirimion, Pokot introduced me to the center there before we eventually moved to our current home at Nakuru.

I was brought up in a humble background and my parents were financially unable to cater for the needs of myself as well as my other brothers and sisters and as such, my education was not seen as an urgent expense. However, when I met my mummy Carol, my life changed for the best as upon joining the center, the pursuit of an education became a key focus in my life.

Life in Nakuru at first was quite challenging as every experience was a new. The climate was quite strange as it would be chilly in the morning, hot during the day and then it would rain at night whereas in Pokot, there was only dry and rainy season, not in between.

Another major challenge was difficulty in communicating as I did not know either Kiswahili or English. This was especially problematic when I joined school as my teachers found it hard to teach me and all I could do was keep quiet. This however did not stop me as I pushed myself to learn as quickly as possible and quickly became fluent. We had volunteers at the center who would teach us and encourage us and so this made it easier for me to learn. I went on to complete both my Primary and secondary school education. I am now planning on joining college soon so I can pursue my passion to obtain a business management degree. My goal in life is to become self-dependent and one day stand in a position to help the needy in society just like my mummy Carol did to all of us here in Kenya and in other countries.