Pratya Akeau

My name is Pratya Akeau.  I’m Akha tribe.  I joined IHF family in 2005.  Before then I used to worry about my future and education because my family was financially unstable to support me. 

The fear disappeared when Mama Carol Sasaki came to my village in 2005 to help me.  I went with her to stay at the IHF Thailand center in Chiang Rai Province in order to continue with my education.  When I arrived at the center, I got a new lovely family and education.  I studied hard and this enabled me to join the university and finally I have graduated with a degree in Law major.  I also continued studied lawyer program until I got lawyer license.  Currently I am working in a law firm in Chiang Rai and I am representing my client with my partner.

All of this thing can’t be happen without support from IHF family, Mae Carol, sponsor and volunteer. I very much appreciate and thankful for all the support from IHF family, Mae Carol and sponsor and volunteer.  I promise that I will use my knowledge to help another people as much as I can.