Shanice Chemariech

My name is shanice chemariech from east pokot Kenya. My heart is filled with joy and happiness when I narrate my story about what IHF has done to my life. I know if it was not IHF and my beloved mummy carol sasaki who God sent her to pokot to come and rescue us. I was so poorly in need of help cause my mother died and my father ran away from us when we were too young and not able to support ourselves. I was living with stress cause we were left with our poor grandmother and we were four in our family. We had our first Born a boy but he was stressed and he lived by fainting/ being unconscious everytime and then, because of our mother who died and father living us without food and clothing. We were sleeping on the ground without any clothing,mosquito nets nor anything. We survived but God protected us from snakes and harmful animals or insects. Food and clothing was the big problem too. We went school looking for food not education.

One day mummy carol came to pokot and I was able to be enrolled to International Humanity Foundation which changed my life of sorrow to a happiness. I can’t forget you mummy carol and the entire IHF , also all sponsors. You are our heroes,fathers,mothers I mean our everything. You did a wonderful job and I pray that may God grant you more years on earth. Mummy carol took me to IHF and she showed me a love that have never got in my life,good care, nice clothing, education ,good health. We were living a good life and I enjoyed the life . we we have good houses which my younger children in IHF Kenya are living now. I completed my primary school in IHF, secondary school and I went to join kenya military or Kenya army. Am glad mummy carol changed my life to be whom I am now and I can’t forget also taking care of me with my siblings which it was a wonderful thing ever. I lived with them without stress. I know if it was not IHF I would have been involved into FGM and early married which is very common in our area pokot. I thank God I was able to be educated cause I had no other option if it was not IHF.

Carol’s words:  “ Chemeriach is no longer a little girl but a wonderful mother herself who helps other children also. I am so proud of her.”

Thank IHF at large you are a wonderful foundation just know shanice appreciates your hardwork to us poor children/orphans. We have nothing to pay back but I know God will not leave you forever. For my dear,beloved mummy carol sasaki, mum you are such a wonderful, caring,loving. I luck words to explain your goodness mummy. Count yourself a special gift from God and sweet mummy. I love you with all our children in the other centers chakarta,Indonesia ,kenya and others. Thanks.

Chemeriach “ PASSING IT ON” and helping others