Siti Aisyah

My name is Siti Aisyah. I joined IHF as a student when I was in primary school. I learnt English, Math, life skills, and love here.

I was one of our TEP students where I got a lovely sponsor for years just like my second “guardian” in education. When I was in Senior High School, I replaced my brother to help teaching in Math class. I had been teaching Math for 7 years in IHF, I loves Math so much!

I want to help the impoverished children to solve their problem in studying especially in Mathematics, so they can solve their life problem. That is IHF taught to me.

After I finished with my study in University, I decided to Pass it on and be a Co-Director at IHF until now. I am a role model for our younger students and a good example of how IHF and the sponsor can give a great impact in a child’s life.

How amazing that is and how proud my sponsor was seeing me grew up being a better person who can be useful for others!