Medan Highlights (April 2022)

These are our highlights for the month of April 2022

This month its a holy month of Muslim and we are happy, because we are having Ramadan. Indonesia has many religions living peaceful side by side. It is rare for us to have conflict between religions as in other countries. This month, we Muslim of Indonesia are doing fasting on Ramadan for a month. Our holy Koran teaches us we are not Muslim if we don’t respect all religions and science too. We fast and don’t eat so we remember what it is like to be here bery inside yet have no food. We eat at night so the frail don’t get sick, but during the day when we are used to eating and our hunger calls to us and wants to cheat: this is good, so we never forget and leave out the hungry. We are taught to go hungry and remember them and always share the food and blessings or we are not Muslim. This Ramadan is a beautiful practice and reminder. We are also taught to be only peaceful and not tense or upset during Ramadan. For just this one month, see if you can go a month mot getting angry at anyone. Study the sky, breathe, be peaceful just this month. This is lovely Ramadan.

Around our Medan Center we are looking so busy and having traffic jam some other time because many of people sales some little snack and food for open or break their fasting at night time. Loud and noisy but joyful too. Singing, chatting, prayers. People are coming from anywhere to buy some snack or food they likes.

For classes : We were so happy to be able to start Center Classes again after two years of COVID mandated closed so only online teaching (online impossible for children with no internet). We were going to close classes for Ramadan as normal but the students ask for having these free classes still, even though it’s their holiday and hungry fasting days.

So, even though normally not active during Ramadan month, the English Class on Wednesdays will continue. We are not sure about the other classes as we don’t want to be rude. Also, yesterday we had a visitor at the Medan Center (Adiva Lituhayu and Abizaki Astagina). Both of them are our TEP students. They came with their mom’s for given their thank you letter for their sponsor. It’s a such nice feeling. Having visits at long last from the students– since we had no activities during COVID-19 pandemic at the Medan Center. The government has to do this for so long for our safety but how sweet to slowly see us being able to open again, even if we must keep spaced and only a few. We miss classes of 600 students in person. Online isn’t the same. And as we slowly see each other again in person: such joy.

Fundraising Priorities

Our challenge in all of our Indonesian centers, as mentioned many times before, is the impoverished community of children who cannot afford computers or the internet. We are always seeking any donation, of any amount, to help in this very important endeavour.

The Medan Team






Volunteer Manuel

Click here to read the Medan Centre volunteer manual.


As time goes by, we have passed six months of this year. Pandemic is still going on and almost all of our activities are online. This month, our students have had their final examination in their school and a holiday is coming. Our volunteers always try to do their best even though it was so difficult to make a big impact for Medan Center children. But we are so grateful that we can continue and make events for the IHF Medan Center!

As it is still pandemic, we only opened online classes for our children for Junior and Senior High School. This month, our children study English and are taught by our Local Volunteers as their teachers. The class is doing with the Google Meet application.

Party 3
Party 2
Party 1
Party 5
Party 4
Party 4
Party 4
Party 4
Party 4

Jakarta Highlights (April 2022)

These are our highlights for the month of April 2022

The Indonesian team is busy preparing for the Kartini’s Day event that will happen in the last week of April. We will have an all female webinar speaker from tourism ambassador, business owner, & scholarship degree abroad. What’s going to be exciting is to hear from not just one but two speakers from IHF Children, they are twin sisters Jannesa & Joanne! Are you excited to hear how women support women & we can reach our dreams too regardless of our gender?? Stay tuned!

Have you ever tried fasting before? During this month, our fellow Muslims exercise full month fasting even our young boys & girls also exercise fasting too. It reminds us of our less fortunate fellows who can’t eat and have access to clean water to drink. That’s why we need to be grateful for what we have, conserve clean water, and don’t forget to help less fortunate people. Eid al-Fitr usually celebrated with giving donations and grocery supplies for people in need, if you’d like to do this you can drop them to our Jakarta Center or direct bank transfer to Yayasan Asah Asih Asuh (Bank Mandiri) 006-001-042-030-9.

We are so glad to welcome our new local GLDs Dhea & Wildan. Dhea is going to work for Jakarta Center. She’ll be involved in the Event Coordinator Team, Awards with Writing Editing for their interviews, Mentoring with Educational Mentors, Indonesia Fundraising.
Wildan is going to work for Bali Center. His teams are Media PR, Indonesia Education, Indonesia Mentor, Graphic, Website.

So excited to see the young generation in making this world a better place. You can join us too by clicking, here.

Fundraising Priorities

Ramadan is also symbolized by sharing charity with people in your neighborhood, where some people would share food supplies or money. Celebrate and share Ramadan with us. Send direct food or any kind of daily supplies to our Center, or donate by scanning QR code Yayasan Asah Asih Asuh with your mobile banking app. Donate unique nominal 1 (example Rp 100.001,-) for IHF Medan, 2 (example Rp 100.002,-) for IHF Jakarta, 3 (example Rp 100.003,-) for IHF Bali

By the end of April, we’re going to celebrate Kartini’s Day. We’ve Invited inspirational women speakers and this year we are excited to be including IHF children (girls) to be the speakers too! Where we will listen to these powerful and impactful women/girls. This is an external fundraising event, to join this event you need to:

✓ Donate any amount
✓ Share your donation receipt

Our team will guide you through. All donated money will be used to provide better education for the children.

Please contact or if you’re interested to join! Come & support our girls’ dreams and education!

Last month we were focusing on crowdfunding for Indri. Donated money is sent through our web and through our crowdfunding. There’s always good people out there, they just need to know where to allocate their kindness. Towards the end of March, we received a direct donation to Yayasan Asah Asih Asuh bank account and if combined with donated money through the site, we have achieved our goal! Yippee.. Stay tuned for more update about Indri returning to school!

The Jakarta Team

This month, Jakarta has …

✓ 8 active volunteers
✓ 1 Intern
✓ 5 Teacher’s Volunteers
✓ 2 At-Home Volunteers

We are looking for some new local volunteers to help us with Fundraising, Event, Media, Curriculum (Class Management), and also Math and English Teachers for online classes.

Volunteer Manuel

Click here to read the Jakarta Centre volunteer manual.

Student of the Month

Sofiyan Muhamad Jaiz

I was born in Jakarta on the 9th of June 2002. I’m the second child out of three children in a family of simple traders. I completed my elementary school at SDN 07 Cipinang Muara, Jakarta before continuing my vocational studies at Kemala Bhayangkari 1 Jakarta. Besides my education, I’m a fashion and video editing enthusiast. Long story short, when I went to school I always wanted to be able to speak English and other languages, but couldn’t because of my parents’ economic limitations. I felt that my goals were out of reach until I finally found the International Humanity foundation (IHF). Since then, I have been in IHF for approximately 10 years.

Being an IHF student since the 4th grade, I’ve gained tons of experience while learning new skills. In High School, we get to meet students from different schools where we were able to build an everlasting connection. Even until now, being an IHF alumni, we still keep in touch and meet each other. Besides that, all of the teachers were very kind. They like to tell stories, sharing their own personal experience. Here, I get to live vicariously through their stories about countries outside of Indonesia and alas, learn about their language and culture. Their teaching methods were also amazing. Most teachers provide workshops that hone our skills; both soft and core. Personally, before being in IHF, I wasn’t much of a public speaker. Having a substantial amount of presentation projects, I was able to develop my public speaking ability.

I was also an occasional informal Mathematics teacher in IHF for elementary school children. Here, I further gained more experience. I learnt how to be patient and emotionally aware for kids that young. Through this, I was able to share stories with the kids of this generation and the best teaching methods according to them.

I believe that IHF has given me the right amount of opportunity and facility to further develop my skills. It became my second home where I can learn while having fun and sharing ideas with people around me. Not only do the teachers teach school subjects but also manners. Things that I learnt in IHF are useful and Alhamdulillah now I am a student at Singaperbangsa Karawang State University majoring in Electrical Engineering. I want to thank the teachers who have taught and educated me. It turns out that we can overcome limitations as long as there is a will..


Bali Highlights (April 2022)

These are our highlights for the month of April 2022

The Center’s reconstruction and refurbishing has at long last begun, a major job and we are so excited!

The Bali center was once Carol’s vacation home many long years ago, before becoming our school. The guest house with swimming pool brings in tourist guests that help to support the IHF children’s programs.

We are hoping that everything will be done for the summer, for our GLDs and Directors coming, and that they will have the lovely environment once again, without a leaking roof and plumbing problems. We look forward to welcoming once again student groups and guests.

We will have to keep it carefully because we will be selling and moving to the area that is closer to the children most in need. That’s very important to keeping our mission statement and what we serve, and of course will continue TEP, mentors, and online help with our children and community around us and our wonderful Agus and Assep.

There are a lot of changes but at the same time we want the continuity that has existed over the 22 years to remain in the form that will be viable and most productive.

Our new directors and GLDs will have a challenge in facilitating all this, it won’t be easy and we’ll have to continue with our patience, to make sure that the children continue being served, the university student groups and volunteers also continue being served. It is always a balancing act and very important for our beloved Bali.

Some lovely folks have come and dropped off some needed school supplies and we are so so thankful to them! Anyone that’s able to stop by, take a video and give a report on the construction going on, and anyone able to leave supplies for the villagers, the Hindu and Muslim villages on either side of us, their children and the school supplies.
We cannot thank them enough!!

We will keep you updated, we hope that the next video you will get will be the guest house all completed, Wildan and we hope and pray Nicole and others situated in the guest house, and the works on the main classrooms house started. Let’s hope that’s what we will show you next month!

We are so thankful to anyone and all of you have contributed in your many different ways, whether it’s been by monetary donation to make this happen, or by teaching the children in Bali and throughout Indonesia, or bringing school supplies, donations of laptops, smartphones, any donations and help you have given on the various teams involved, Carol and just all of us are so so thankful to you! 💗

Party 3

Bali Guest house overlooking pond and beach is stripped to its bare bones for extensive remodel.

Party 2

This photo shows the grass matting that is inside the walls and roof and outside the weather-roofing is energy metal – far sturdier than the former grass roof.

Party 1
Party 5
Party 4
Party 4

Fundraising Priorities

Our roof has deteriorated over the years although we have renovated it periodically. This year however, we are looking to fully renovate the roof so that we do not incur any damages to our centre as well as threat to the health of our volunteers. We feel that with this renovation, we may be able to attract more voluntourists with a new-look centre once restrictions have been lifted in Bali. Voluntourists have helped us sustain our programmes as a centre over the years and we wish to provide them with an even more beautiful accommodation.

The Bali Team



Local Staff

Volunteer Manuel

Click here to read the Bali Centre volunteer manual.

Kenya Highlights (April 2022)

These are our highlights for the month of April 2022

In April we’ve been receiving little rain with cold weather to get us all up and prepared for farming. Active and enjoying the great outdoors. Here in Kenya, we’ve certainly enjoyed the most of it.

This month we would like to highlight Herzel. She joined our centre on the 19th of March and so far she has been the most amazing human being that every other human would like to spend their time with. Volunteering is at the very core of being a human. No one has made it through life without someone else’s help.

Herzel possess some beauty skills like hair plaiting and she has been plaiting our girl’s hair and also teaching them the hair plaiting skills. The girls might be made fun of for how important hair is- but before we judge: which of us make or female does not pause before a mirror abs wonder how we look to others- an image we ourselves can’t see about ourselves. This first impression society cares so much about.

When we were young we didn’t have mirrors where we lived. And didn’t think about it or care. But now we live where it is very important to people so find ourselves thrilled to learn hair from lasting skills. Learning all these different skills that society values, is important for our own individual strength and voice. And for each of our our tribes voice and future too. All skills giving us options which of course they may need down the various roads life takes us on.

I read this politicizing named Winston Churchill said, ” We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we do.” This quote hit me for some reason. When my brain gets tired of learning to do new things. It isn’t easy for any of us.

Join us next month to find out more about our GLDs like amazing Herzel and her positive impacts on our children.

See you next month!

Becky and Adrian

Fundraising Priorities

April is when our form four children have finished with their exams and visit back home, spending time with their tribe and relatives. This is very important tune to be nurtured whenever we safely can. Sadly some of our children have to stay at the center because they don’t have biological parents but they can always count on us. Right now we have nine graduate children from high school and waiting for their results.

The sponsorship program has enabled the Kenya Center to provide food, supplies, educational programs and educational resources such as books. We are grateful that eight of our children will graduate from high school – the first in their family and for some even in their tribal clan. They are completing vital steps in their lives, for themselves and for the survival and health of their tribe, but they still need support to further their studies, as college or any advanced training is so important for their tribe’s future and voice in this changing world.

During the month of April, we began our farming project because we are approaching the rainy season. We are so thankful to have enough water at last. We intend to plant vegetables, maize and potatoes. They can grow well on our land during this season.

We ask that you please donate towards seeds and our farming irrigation system, so that we can reduce the cost of food. Our goal is to once again provide enough food for our children and for the neighborhood children who wonder about when their single mothers must be at work.

In addition, we are are seeking funds for larger crops. We are not sure if we can grow enough for this, but we remember when we did in years before COVID and it is our goal. We will let you know how it is going next month.

You can help our farm and help our children continue their education by sponsoring them! Click here to sponsor our kids or make a donation. Thank you so much.

The Kenya Team

Kases Kakuko (GLD)
Lead, Kenya Finance Team & Sponsor Letters

John Ochieng (GLD)
Co- Lead, First Response Team, Media Box & Lead Reference Teams/GOOT

Kerryn T Muleya (Director)
Lead, First response Web Search Team/GOOT & Co-Lead References Teams

Grace, Herzel & Judith K
Online GLD & Co–Lead, Fundraising/Grants Team, Mentor Team & MOU Teams

Executive Manager, Kenya Center & Lead, Curriculum/Education Team

Volunteer Manuel

Click here to read the Kenya Centre volunteer manual.

Volunteer of the Month

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

My name is Herzel Nyangasi, an individual who is passionate about working for humanity and enjoys volunteering her time to serve the community.

How do you know about IHF?

I got to know about IHF through social media where I saw a volunteer advertisement through which I applied.

How long have you been here in IHF?

I have been at IHF for one month.

What things made you interested to join IHF?

My interest was moved by the act of giving my time to work with children who are less fortunate (giving back to the community).

What is the most memorable experience you’ve ever had in IHF so far?

The most memorable experience I had was engaging with the children where they could tell us their experience in Pokot and how life is there. They were so open and free to share their experiences. They even added some humour in their story which could make us laugh hard. I also had some great time with them, especially the girls, where I had plating courses and cooking classes with them.

What is the most important thing you have learned in IHF and how does it affect your life?

I have learned to give what I have to assist those who don’t have. We all have different stories and we need to lend each other an ear to listen and to encourage each other.



It’s yet another great moment here in Kenya Center IHF. Some of our children have graduated from high school and we thank God for this achievement.

We are so proud of these great champions for holding on throughout their high school. It has been challenging, especially the past two years; with abrupt school closures and other social issues.

The COVID-19 pandemic has specifically been one heck of a test for them. Despite all these, they have endured and managed to go this far. When we remember back to starting school, many not even speaking Swahili let alone English, far behind all classmates … not believing us that they will catch up… not believing they will graduate from Highschool or understanding it’s value… to now when they speak Swahili and English both fluently along with not only their mother tongue, but often several additional languages: WOW. THESE HIGHSCHOOL GRADUATES have come so far and worked so hard. We’ve has many problems from the start with adjusting to the environment and laws we are required to follow. It has not been easy for them, nor the Volunteers and staff. Many in government said it would be impossible. But it wasn’t. We are proud and commend them for their hard work and persistence. We have a difficult position as having been children of this center also, their eldest brothers and sisters, and now in roles of authority and hopefully inspiration to study and believe they can pass the exams.

We held a party for them and we all were really happy. We won’t know the grades for several weeks- but hope that they get good grades and have bright futures. The Kenya government does not allow any to stay once they’ve turned eighteen and graduated Highschool. This has many students both happy to graduate and scared , angry to not be able to stay. We wish we could afford to hire all as GLD into staff and to put all through University. Unfortunately this requires they have a certain level of grades or funding for training.

Our wonderful career mentors will help us with this, focusing first on the females so they are not sold off as brides and in those males whose grades will allow them further training. We are all hoping and praying.

The graduated children will be heading to draught ridden Pokot soon as mandated by the government. We are so proud of them and are excited about their new chapter. We would like to thank everyone who made it possible for them to reach this far; mentors, sponsors, volunteers and all those who have in one way or another contributed to their journey. May God bless you!!!

Despite this great achievement, the children still need mentors, career advocates and sponsors as they move to their next levels. This will help them as they integrate into society and the world.

Cheers to a new journey!!! The Kenya IHF Volunteers, GLD, and Staff.

Party 3

The candidates finished their national exams and will soon be moving to institutions of higher learning after their results have been released

Party 2

Some of them will be visiting their homes in east and central Pokot where they will be staying for a while as we work around the clock to get them donors and sponsors to fund their university education.

Party 1

Charity, who was among the ten candidates finished her exams earlier and has already received her results and we are pleased to inform you that the outcome was impressive.

Party 5

As the candidates are going to open new chapters of their lives, we decided to throw a graduate party for them to celebrate their achievement and transition to the next level of life.

Party 4

The party was attended virtually by our CEO and loving mom to the children Carol Sasaki and our highly esteemed mentors who provided career guidance and counseling to the candidates.

Student of the Month

Mercy Chepkite

High school is not only about how a student performs academically but also about the activities students are involved in and relationships they build each year.

Mercy Chepkite, Student of the Month, is a role model for her peers in all three of these areas. Not only does she do extremely well in each of her classes, but she does so while being involved in extra-curricular activities including Student Council and cheerleading. She is very kind to all of the children she encounters throughout the day regardless of whether or not they are part of her friend group.

In class, she is always focused and attentive while being conscientious towards her work. Going above and beyond is the norm for her, and she truly gives 110% each day. This student radiates kindness, and she is very sincere.

She is an absolute joy to have in the Kenya Center. Her work ethic and kind heart will take her far! It is with pleasure that the Kenya center team awards Mercy Chepkite as our April Student of the Month.

Mercy Chepkite

Children Highlights

Party 3

Krop Ngoriadomo
Currently studying at college.

Party 2

Apura Lotuw
Currently studying at college and loves playing football. He also helps with organising boys and girls football teams.

Party 1

Kapanat Kakuko
Sitting his final exams in Form 4. Passionate about football and also wants to pursue a criminology course after graduation.

Party 5

Krop Losute
Form 3 student. He works very hard to achieve and performs very well in the Debates Club, every Saturday evening. His dream is to become an Advocate.

Party 4

Nyoru Kamama
In Form 4, sitting her final exams. A very disciplined and social girl. She is loved by everyone in her center and loves teaching other girls how to paint.

Party 4

Chepanga Natim
Currently in Form 3. Her dream is to become a chef as well as an entrepreneur.