Medan Highlights (May 2022)

These are our highlights for the month of May 2022

Greetings from Medan. It’s been 2  years since we stop any activity in our Medan Center due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 2 months ago, we restarted our activity in Medan by opening class, we call it Sunshine Class, in the “green zone” area (the area that has low COVID-19 cases). It’s about a 30-40 minutes ride from our center. 13 children joined our Sunshine Class, and most of them are elementary school students. We teach them English and make handicrafts such as origami and coloring. We open this class three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The class starts around 3.30 PM. We borrow an unused house from locals for this class.

Our classes at our center were interrupted from their quiet opening: by flooding! The rainy season brings floods. Here is a video of the darling children trying to stop the incoming water. 

Since 2004 our Medan center has had amazing student interns yearly from Universities as well as angel teachers donating their time even after long days at their jobs. Amazing angels who care. We are shocked to find out that during covid too many of our long time teachers and families have moved away from our center area to find jobs. It is such a relief to be teaching children again, even if so much is having to be restarted after the only closure IHF has ever had in twenty years of its centers- never dreaming COVID closures would last this long. The children’s need for study buddies helping is greater than ever, and if there is one thing IHF has proven: in Medan and every city of Indonesia angel volunteers are wanting to make the world a better place for our children. Global volunteers join with these amazing Indonesian volunteers in making this happen. 

Now June has come to the IHF Medan Center in Sumatra, and the semester is coming to an end. The schools and universities soon will be closed and the student will have their long happy holiday. We hope that we can reopen our center in July when the holiday has ended. If you are interested to spare some of your free time to help and teach the children, please do not hesitate to join us in IHF. You can fill out the volunteer registration at our website:

Fundraising Priorities

Our challenge in all of our Indonesian centers, as mentioned many times before, is the impoverished community of children who cannot afford computers or the internet. We are always seeking any donation, of any amount, to help in this very important endeavour.

The Medan Team






Volunteer Manuel

Click here to read the Medan Centre volunteer manual.


Our wonderful Board Member, Denny, finished repainting the center’s wall. He also visited residents and slum area principals about missing children needing help with schooling. Deny visited the university in Medan, looking for a student who wants to volunteer or do their teaching internships teaching the children at our center. 

Medan May 22

Jakarta Highlights (May 2022)

These are our highlights for the month of May 2022

IHF Jakarta Center is so grateful to receive generous donations from Jakarta Bengali Association (JABA), our relationship has been going on for 5 years and still counting. Before the pandemic, JABA often sent us various kinds of donations as well. As a non-profit organization, IHF is so humbled & grateful for this kindness.

We would like to give an award to Jakarta Bengali Association (JABA) as our token of appreciation. JABA represents Indian expatriates primarily from Bengal and is essentially a platform for upholding and nurturing the rich Bengali tradition, custom, and culture amongst its members and families as well as spreading the same in a multi-lingual, multi-cultural environment in Indonesia. Started 34 years ago by a few enthusiastic families, the organization today, is a vibrant one with an active calendar of events ranging from social, religious, and cultural ones to charitable and sporting events. 

IHF is an organization that supports & is a place for volunteers from all over the world to share & make a good impact on education & society. Therefore we are gladly working together with JABA.

Where the gap between the rich and poor is very huge. Last month we raised funds for Ramadan, we handed over the funds to marginal people – fire victims that happened less than 2km away from IHF Jakarta Center, & we also gave our TEP Children a small token of money in celebration of Ramadan, we call it THR money.

Fundraising Priorities

Happy birthday Jakarta! Wishing you to be a nice home for over 11,000,000 people.. Jakarta is an important alpha world city with major financial institutions such as the Bank of Indonesia, Indonesia Stock Exchange, and corporate headquarters of numerous Indonesian companies and multinational corporations. The city is the home of six Forbes Global 2000 companies, two Fortune 500 companies, and four Unicorn companies, and the city’s GRP was about $483.4 billion USD. It’s the pinnacle of the economy for Indonesians. Unfortunately, it also means mass migration combined with poor sanitation, a lack of housing and transportation issues will further worsen the problems.


Next fundraising activity we’re going to find a company who’s willing to help us by putting a donation drop box at their store, if you are a small business owner or a manager in a big company who’s willing to help please reach out to

The Jakarta Team

This month, Jakarta has …

✓ 8 active volunteers
✓ 1 Intern
✓ 5 Teacher’s Volunteers
✓ 2 At-Home Volunteers

We are looking for some new local volunteers to help us with Fundraising, Event, Media, Curriculum (Class Management), and also Math and English Teachers for online classes.

Volunteer Manuel

Click here to read the Jakarta Centre volunteer manual.

Sponsor of the Month: Jean B


Sponsor of the Month


We always ask our sponsors what you’ve enjoyed most and least about sponsoring. We love learning from both, the marvellous along with any Challenges or problems you’ve had. We are very interested in why you’ve continued sponsoring all these years?

Jean B has sponsored children and classes in IHF for twenty one years. Here is our interview with her

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

My name is Jean B, an individual who has been sponsoring IHF since 2001.

What have you enjoyed most and least about sponsoring?

I adore getting to know the children and their cultures. The biggest thrill for me is the children that have grown over the years, sponsoring a class has been different in that there are many children involved and of course in the early years and my visit to Bali I was able to experience some of those classes going on. I can only afford sponsoring one class a year, but love knowing how many young lives are changed from them.

I also sponsor a few children. Sponsoring one-on-one, the individual child, that has also been very meaningful over the long term, watching the child grow up, exchanging the letters, knowing that my sponsoring them has made the difference of their being able to attend all the way to graduation.
Having volunteered for ihf and visited, I know that IHF cannot accept a child until they have a sponsor financially so I am keenly aware (as other sponsors might not be ), that I am literally changing that child’s life by my sponsorship. I know there is often a long waiting list of many children in dire need, and that the child would not have been picked and able to attend preschool and eventually graduate from an excellent high school if it wasn’t for my sponsoring the small monthly amount over these years. I can’t reach all children, but I have reached one at a time, each child so meaningful, over these twenty plus years of sponsoring.

There is another aspect I would like to address that was an unexpected surprise for me, and that is now, in my 94th year of life, as I look back at all I’ve learned about these children’s different cultures. In the retirement home where I live with my friends, I find I’ve learnt so much in depth about the cultures these children come from. I live in a community of retired professors, writers, CEO’s etc, all very well educated. And yet when I’m talking to different people and there is news on different issues in countries, I realize I know all about the droughts in Kenya and much of Africa right now, that this is the dry season and there is no water, and I realize, as I splash my face, this water feels almost sacred to me and we are all connected. Or I know from my sponsored class in Indonesia, it is rainy season and both their slum and school flooded out. I have seen the video showing the families scooping water while singing. So many precious events year round I’d like to share if we had more time for this interview. For example,
I am excited for the children in Indonesia of their ceremonies, their belief systems, of the Muslim and Hindu, their lifestyles with that centre around these festivities. A far deeper understanding of religions different from my own.
Sponsoring through IHF has just brought home in a very personal way cultures through children’s day to day- in a manner I would not have known this in-depth.

Have you faced any problems with IHF?

There have been some mistakes, yes. I had made a general donation receipt saying that I wanted it used for a particular Center and that receipt did not come back promptly and correctly, it was about four years ago, but I was concerned when that happened and I had to notify, to write in about it, and so I do worry if that happened to anyone else. Of course you would never want that to happen and so yes that was a problem. I have promptly received all my receipt always now, it’s no longer a problem, but that one time did upset me.

Another problem that has happened over these 22 years, it’s both something wonderful and a challenge, it concerns the Sponsor Letters. They have become less personal from the children, and so I miss that, they seem to be more just on topic. Then again, I also have a challenge around the sponsor letters I love! I know you repeatedly tell sponsors they don’t need to write back- and I know many sponsors never do. And that’s fine. But I can’t not write. I love it- yet sometimes trying to write back to the children, is my challenge time wise. I put a lot of time and energy into my writing back to them, probably far more than I need to, but it takes time. And at 94 I might need to go from sponsor letter to sponsoring without sponsor letters and just get the newsletter automatically plus an update on the child or class ( from their center). In other words, offering sponsors the option of getting sponsor letters or not as they prefer. I loved them, but my age is advancing and many sponsors might be too busy.