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The IHF Jakarta Center is located in an eastern suburb of Indonesia’s Capital City. The center is in a fairly large house on a quiet street of private houses. The IHF Jakarta Center is a Children’s Home to a small number of children. The building is also used as an education center, offering free English, Math, Computer, and Special classes on a daily basis.

Poverty in Indonesia’s Capital City

In any capital city, huge disparities between people with different socio-economic backgrounds can be quite prevalent, and Jakarta is no different. Most of the children who attend the IHF Center come from impoverished families, often travelling 1-2km on foot to get to the center. However, most of them are in reasonably good health, well-nourished, and receiving loving care from their parents and relatives.

Family Structure in Jakarta

About 25% to 50% of our IHF students are born to non-Jakartan parents. Because these families lack the support of immediate family members, the children often miss a year of school while the family transitions from their hometowns to Jakarta. The current family structure in Jakarta means that sometimes the children do not come to Jakarta until months, and even years later, after the parents have settled into their new life in the capital. These children often have a hard time adapting to the new city’s school system. If the family suddenly finds themselves struggling financially, the parents may send the children back to the village, which disrupts their educational progress yet again.

To tackle this issue, IHF Jakarta collaborates with the local and expat communities to receive a continuous influx of teaching volunteers to instruct students on different academic levels. Volunteers also hold a variety of classes and workshops, providing students with the opportunity to experience a well-rounded education in all subjects.

The IHF Jakarta Center is a Children’s Home to a small number of children. The building is also used as an education Center, offering English, Math, Computer, and Special classes on a daily basis.

Meet the Jakarta Family

Jakarta has 8 active volunteers in total, 1 Intern, 5 Teacher’s Volunteers and 2 At-Home Volunteers. We are looking for some new Local Volunteers to help us with Fundraising, Event, Media, Curriculum (Class Management), and also Math and English Teachers for online classes.


The Jakarta center is located in a large house on a quiet street. There are three classrooms
in the house, one for each subject. There are children, other volunteers and local staff
staying at the center. 

Sponsorship Goal

In Jakarta Center, we have 7 online classes for Math and English Class ranging from 5th Grade Elementary School to 9th Grade Junior High School, and we also have 1 special activity online class. We need your help to fund our classes so we can continue to provide the education for IHF children. By donating $30 a month, you will help us to cover the operational cost needed to keep the class running. Go to our ‘Class Sponsorship’ page and make a donation today!


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Fundraising Priorities

News from the Jakarta Center

Celebrating Indonesian Independence Day with Joy and Unity at IHF Jakarta Center- August 2023

Hello Everyone,

We hope this newsletter finds you in good spirits. We’re excited to share a special highlight from IHF Jakarta Center—an event that filled the air with patriotism, camaraderie, and boundless joy.

On August 17, we came together to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day, a momentous occasion that holds a special place in the hearts of every Indonesian. The spirit of unity and freedom was palpable as we commemorated this significant day.

The celebration kicked off with a heartwarming rendition of Indonesia’s national anthem, sung with pride by everyone present. As the echoes of “Indonesia Raya” filled the air, it was a poignant reminder of the unity that binds us as a nation.

However, the festivities didn’t stop at singing anthems. We took the celebration to the next level with a series of unique competitions that brought smiles, laughter, and friendly competition. Our students, ranging from elementary to junior/senior high, participated enthusiastically, showcasing their talents, teamwork, and competitive spirit.

These engaging competitions were made even more memorable with the dedicated assistance of our amazing local volunteers. Their unwavering support and tireless efforts ensured that the event went off without a hitch. From organizing the activities to cheering on the participants, our volunteers played a vital role in making the day truly special.

The atmosphere was electric as the competitions unfolded—students testing their skills, collaborating with peers, and forging new friendships along the way. It was heartening to witness the joy on their faces and the bonds that formed through shared experiences.

As the sun set on this memorable day, a feeling of happiness and unity lingered in the air. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the event—our dedicated students, our supportive volunteers, and every individual who joined us in celebrating Indonesian Independence Day.

From the IHF Jakarta Center, we wish you all a belated Happy Independence Day! 🇮🇩 May the spirit of freedom, unity, and camaraderie continue to guide us as we journey forward.

Stay connected with us for more updates on our enriching activities and events. Your support and involvement make our mission of empowerment and education possible.

Warm regards,


The IHF Jakarta Center Team

IHF Jakarta  provided a different kind of learning experience. This time, we learned about colors through play.


On this occasion, IHF Jakarta  offered a delightful experience for children to get to know colors. On a warm morning, we began the day in the front yard with younger students from grade 1 and 2 of Elementary School. We prepared supplies and surfaces for them to create with colors. Not only did we introduce them to colors, but we also used flour mixed with water for them to blend with colors, helping fine-tune their motor skills, introducing texture, and teaching them not to be afraid of getting messy. We used food coloring, making it safe for the children. The color adventure began as they freely expressed what they wanted to put on a piece of white paper with their own hands, allowing their motor skills to experience the beauty of painting with colors in the liquid flour mixture. Once they were finished, the paper was dried under the sun, and we took photos together.


For children, colors are undoubtedly something enjoyable to learn about. Colors introduce them to interesting aspects of the world, such as the colors of the rainbow, the colors of flowers, the colors of vegetables, and so on. With colors, children express their creativity in their thought patterns. They easily differentiate things based on color and shape.


Not only are basic colors like red, yellow, and blue important, but colors can also be combined to create new ones. For example, mixing red and yellow creates the new color orange. Then, red and blue create purple, black and white create gray, red and white create pink, and blue and yellow create green.


“Colors are beautiful moments for every human being, just like the rainbow; it may not be as beautiful if it consists of only one color.”

Sharing is Caring

IHF Jakarta Center has always been committed to humanity. Therefore, IHF Jakarta Center also frequently makes donations in the form of groceries to students and people surrounding IHF Jakarta Center. This time, the amount donated is limited so that IHF Jakarta Center is still selecting. Only 22 of 100 students received the donation.

 Six other packages are prepared and delivered to the people we meet in the street. They are all seem delighted. It turns out that sharing is beautiful.

Hopefully in the next opportunity, more donors will provide more funds with the result that all people in need can receive assistance. If you want to share, please contact us.

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