The IHF Jakarta Center is located in an eastern suburb of Indonesia’s Capital City. The center is in a fairly large house on a quiet street of private houses. The IHF Jakarta Center is a Children’s Home to a small number of children. The building is also used as an education center, offering free English, Math, Computer, and Special classes on a daily basis.

Poverty in Indonesia’s Capital City

In any capital city, huge disparities between people with different socio-economic backgrounds can be quite prevalent, and Jakarta is no different. Most of the children who attend the IHF Center come from impoverished families, often travelling 1-2km on foot to get to the center. However, most of them are in reasonably good health, well-nourished, and receiving loving care from their parents and relatives.

Family Structure in Jakarta

About 25% to 50% of our IHF students are born to non-Jakartan parents. Because these families lack the support of immediate family members, the children often miss a year of school while the family transitions from their hometowns to Jakarta. The current family structure in Jakarta means that sometimes the children do not come to Jakarta until months, and even years later, after the parents have settled into their new life in the capital. These children often have a hard time adapting to the new city’s school system. If the family suddenly finds themselves struggling financially, the parents may send the children back to the village, which disrupts their educational progress yet again.

To tackle this issue, IHF Jakarta collaborates with the local and expat communities to receive a continuous influx of teaching volunteers to instruct students on different academic levels. Volunteers also hold a variety of classes and workshops, providing students with the opportunity to experience a well-rounded education in all subjects.

The IHF Jakarta Center is a Children’s Home to a small number of children. The building is also used as an education Center, offering English, Math, Computer, and Special classes on a daily basis.

Meet the Jakarta Family

Jakarta has 8 active volunteers in total, 1 Intern, 5 Teacher’s Volunteers and 2 At-Home Volunteers. We are looking for some new Local Volunteers to help us with Fundraising, Event, Media, Curriculum (Class Management), and also Math and English Teachers for online classes.


The Jakarta center is located in a large house on a quiet street. There are three classrooms
in the house, one for each subject. There are children, other volunteers and local staff
staying at the center. 

Sponsorship Goal

In Jakarta Center, we have 7 online classes for Math and English Class ranging from 5th Grade Elementary School to 9th Grade Junior High School, and we also have 1 special activity online class. We need your help to fund our classes so we can continue to provide the education for IHF children. By donating $30 a month, you will help us to cover the operational cost needed to keep the class running. Go to our ‘Class Sponsorship’ page and make a donation today!


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Fundraising Priorities

News from the Jakarta Center

Looking at September….

Center Reopening

Our journey begins here, after 2 years of covid close down & we need to shift classes online. Now we’re ready to warmly welcome our students, teachers, and volunteers back. It was a cold pouring day in the neighborhood but “it aint going to dim our fire” to go on a tour & invite the children to get free classes at IHF. We received some warm, some cold feedback to our invitation. In general it’s been warm, from all the community members aware of who we are & excited to get their kids back for free classes. We were walking around a slum area where trash piles everywhere, houses by a river (and of course with much floating trash), small rooms as houses (around 8×8 msq) with 5 plus people living in it. We passed interesting things I thought I’d never see in this capital city. But what interests me most is how this community seems to be so close to each other (not just because their tiny houses are piled next to each other) but they gather, they talk, they inspire each other, & they take care of each other..

I’m Marcella, GLD for Jakarta Center and this is my first time joining flyering day- seeing a whole other worlds within the city I call home.

What a wonderful way to end a month other than being around friends and family. On the last day of July, the Jakarta Center Team were so excited to meet each other & to welcome new and returning parents and students to register for our free classes. 

Such a joy to watch how enthusiastic they were to get educated, in total we got nearly 100 students from just this first time! In the last minute before the registration day, we received very sad news from the neighborhood Government Chief disapproving of us holding offline activities (which include offline classes) due to the increasing number of COVID cases jumping so high this past week. That really breaks our hearts, because we really experienced in talking with them- the hard time our students have to get educated when they need to access all sources online, and their parents have no idea how. Again the gap between those who have & have not will be ever more obvious than ever post covid..A grave concern

What would you associate a teacher to? I’d say “inspiration”.

Not just to inspire the students to learn but also they inspire me to share & empower each other. We are so excited to see familiar faces & also a few new faces of our teachers! Must have felt like going back to school for the first time but this time you’re the teacher, how fascinating..

In order to get the volunteer teachers ready to start their class, we have some gathering & training. We hope our students will be excited & learn a lot from their teacher as the Jakarta Team is helping in the background as support.

Interested in empowering one another? Join Jakarta Center team

Award August

One of our TEP students, Andini, has pushed herself out of her comfort zone to step up & join a singing competition in her school during Independence Day celebration. Her mentor (as always) encouraged her to be confident & to try her best, and so she did.

This Award we would like to warmly give to Enti, Andini’s mentor. She’s such an incredible mentor to Andini. If you ever communicate with Indonesian teenagers you’d understand how hard & many layers until one mentor can connect & earn that trust from them. 

Enti started her journey very slowly but consistently, she knows how to interact with Andini with minimal supervision & guides obviously she knows what she’s doing.


Not just there Enti has a very important role in IHF, she’s also part of the Education Team as Community Outreach person. She will represent IHF in the eyes of the community, for example schools, universities, and other organizations. Which very sure would be a great help for IHF to flourish.

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