The International Humanity Foundation (IHF) is an international non-religious, non-political, and nonprofit organisation that provides education and safe Children’s Homes to impoverished children in Indonesia, Kenya, and Thailand through our five (5) IHF Centers. We function entirely through the efforts of volunteers, sponsors, donors, and an Executive Leadership team from all over the world.


“To educate impoverished children—activating their highest potential—and educate global citizens, through real life experiences, about the realities of impoverished communities, the value of other cultures, and the many responsibilities of running an international NGO.”


“To develop global leaders with cross-cultural experiences, and respect for different cultures, from differing socioeconomic backgrounds, who are equipped to make decisions that serve and positively impact, promote, and protect the dignity and humanity of people everywhere.”


1. Children always come first

We exist first and foremost to meet the needs of the children we serve.

2. Education empowers.

We believe that education unlocks the door to greater potential and empowers people to make good decisions that lead to a brighter future for all of humankind.

3. Honesty is the only policy.

Authenticity, sincerity, and transparency are not only paramount, they’re non-negotiable.

4. Lead by example

We don’t point the finger and wait for others to take action, or only lead with our words; we are always ready to get our hands dirty and to show others how it’s done.

5. Celebrate Differences.

There’s a reason we see differently, our differences are not a liability, they are our strength.

6. Preserve culture.

We are not here to impose our cultural values on others, we are here to learn as much as we are here to give. We encourage others to discover and protect the inherent value of other cultures.

7. Leave your mark.

Each person has something to contribute, each person can leave this world a little better than they found it. The best way to leave your mark is by serving others.

8. Pass it on

Every child in IHF takes the 'Pass It On' vow seriously. Our grown IHF Children prove this by their life examples. Our IHF volunteers also pass on their life blessings: Teaching and sharing with children who may not otherwise have access to quality education, nutrition and safe housing.