About Kenya


IHF has been working in Kenya since the late 90’s with the marginalized tribes in East Pokot. Our IHF Nakuru Center is a safe Children’s Home offering care to orphaned youth and children whose parents are unable to support them, due to extreme levels of poverty.

The East Pokot Region

Living conditions in East Pokot are extremely difficult, with famine, drought, and conflict leaving many children orphaned and/or homeless and who have no means to support themselves.

Additionally, local communities face many hardships, including ownership of infertile land, and disease. A steady income is difficult to earn in this region.

IHF Nakuru Center

The IHF Nakuru Center is run as a family, not an institution. We provide an informal environment where children feel comfortable and can be themselves. We understand that this is crucial to their integration into society.

An informal and transparent environment allows all members of our Children’s Home family to talk about their problems, which creates an atmosphere that is conducive to growth and learning.

The children at our center are so special. They are deeply committed to attaining their education and retaining their traditions and respect for their East Pokot heritage. We work hard to ensure that our children will become the future leaders of Kenya so that they can continue to assist and protect that heritage

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