International Humanity Foundation


This team Assists the CEO in setting her appointments, helping with Correspondence and other CEO activities such as trainings and interviewing and meetings when the CEO is unable to.

Has Five Divisions:

Center Finances : Bookkeepers for each Centers. Track receipts, expenses and budgets incoming/outgoing monies.

Center Monitors : Reviews monthly finances and looks for mistakes , irregularities. Each Center has monitors ( Book keepers) who work under April and Finance Team.

International Finances – Our International Finances, Accountants and Bookkeepers.

Sponsor/ Donor Processing – Part of the International Team. Accountants and Bookkeepers

 Auditing -Part of the International Team. Accountants and Bookkeepers

Provides legal advice on different legal matters. Solve all sorts of legal matters of the organizations. Makes sure that all the documentation and registration of the organization is up to date with no lacuna. Local legal teams take care of legal matters pertaining to the centers in the light of existing local laws.

The Sponsor Relations Team is so important as it is the team that periodically (every season) assures all our sponsors are happy. We will lose Sponsors if they ever have any problem with IHF that isn’t immediately solved and addressed. This is the team that sees to this. It is a high security team.

Sponsor Processing works with three Team Leads Finance Lead , Sponsor Letters lead and Sponsor Relations Lead. Sponsor Processing views the sponsor&donor transactions monthly. Making sure receipts sent by finance& “thank you s” are sent. The sponsor Processor contacts the sponsor if a subscription is up for renewel or credit card expires. A key role monthly is writing up each centers lists of sponsors needing a child or classes letter. They remove any lost sponsor& add any new to this list.

This team collects all new Addresses from our Web and Email addresses. This includes Sponsors ( SP), Volunteers and Applicants.The team leaders also daily check the RETURNED MOU column on the acceptance chart and within 24 hours create the new members IHF e-mail and password following the instructions for this team.

Advice the organisation in terms of the best policies for human resource/employees and preparation of contracts.

This team helps in the development of the Boards , and Advisory Boards tracking. It keeps track of board minutes , etc. This team works hand in glove with the Legal Team in many issues.

The webmaster team is a high security team under Administration. This small team works with the web designers and Finance team etc in assuring our systems are always up to date in latest Security and technologies