Bali Highlights (April 2022)

Apr 21, 2022 | Bali

These are our highlights for the month of April 2022

The Center’s reconstruction and refurbishing has at long last begun, a major job and we are so excited!

The Bali center was once Carol’s vacation home many long years ago, before becoming our school. The guest house with swimming pool brings in tourist guests that help to support the IHF children’s programs.

We are hoping that everything will be done for the summer, for our GLDs and Directors coming, and that they will have the lovely environment once again, without a leaking roof and plumbing problems. We look forward to welcoming once again student groups and guests.

We will have to keep it carefully because we will be selling and moving to the area that is closer to the children most in need. That’s very important to keeping our mission statement and what we serve, and of course will continue TEP, mentors, and online help with our children and community around us and our wonderful Agus and Assep.

There are a lot of changes but at the same time we want the continuity that has existed over the 22 years to remain in the form that will be viable and most productive.

Our new directors and GLDs will have a challenge in facilitating all this, it won’t be easy and we’ll have to continue with our patience, to make sure that the children continue being served, the university student groups and volunteers also continue being served. It is always a balancing act and very important for our beloved Bali.

Some lovely folks have come and dropped off some needed school supplies and we are so so thankful to them! Anyone that’s able to stop by, take a video and give a report on the construction going on, and anyone able to leave supplies for the villagers, the Hindu and Muslim villages on either side of us, their children and the school supplies.
We cannot thank them enough!!

We will keep you updated, we hope that the next video you will get will be the guest house all completed, Wildan and we hope and pray Nicole and others situated in the guest house, and the works on the main classrooms house started. Let’s hope that’s what we will show you next month!

We are so thankful to anyone and all of you have contributed in your many different ways, whether it’s been by monetary donation to make this happen, or by teaching the children in Bali and throughout Indonesia, or bringing school supplies, donations of laptops, smartphones, any donations and help you have given on the various teams involved, Carol and just all of us are so so thankful to you! 💗

Party 3

Bali Guest house overlooking pond and beach is stripped to its bare bones for extensive remodel.

Party 2

This photo shows the grass matting that is inside the walls and roof and outside the weather-roofing is energy metal – far sturdier than the former grass roof.

Party 1
Party 5
Party 4
Party 4

Fundraising Priorities

Our roof has deteriorated over the years although we have renovated it periodically. This year however, we are looking to fully renovate the roof so that we do not incur any damages to our centre as well as threat to the health of our volunteers. We feel that with this renovation, we may be able to attract more voluntourists with a new-look centre once restrictions have been lifted in Bali. Voluntourists have helped us sustain our programmes as a centre over the years and we wish to provide them with an even more beautiful accommodation.

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