International Humanity Foundation

Bali History

Bali's Center story starts in 1999 when founder Carol purchased land to build a guest house and home for her children to rest between traveling and living with tribes in other countries. When the banking crises hit, the needs of surrounding families became obvious. Soon, the vacation home became yet another IHF center filled with the laughter and joy of children and their parents.

The beautiful rice field at the beach, before we built the Bali Center

The house is built with a bridge and pathway between beach and rice fields. 

Women carried buckets of bricks and stones on their heads while swaying gracefully, laughing, and singing.

Construction of the first floor began and we slowly built up! 

There is a mountain view in the back and ocean view in front.

Carol’s daughter designed the house to be in the middle of a pond with water all around it, waterfalls and koi fish. After living in a desert with tribes, the idea of so inexpensively being by water thrilled her. Water was precious to the family then — and even more so for the world now. Another thrill—the earth was so rich. You break a twig from a tree, stick it in the ground, and it grew! 

The fishing village on the beach is in front of the center and the temple is next door.

The community celebrates the entrance of 2,000 people in Bali. 

They wonder: what will the future hold?

Local teachers volunteer their time. More and more students come. Mothers help to create a needed medical emergency fund for the villages. The center sits between an ancient Muslim village and an ancient Hindu village. The women from both villages come and stitch products to sell in our IHF store for the medical fund.

Bali Students then ( that greeted 2,000) are now grown in 2019
This is Bubut. Our young “Mr. Man” for many years taking care of the house, grounds, and students.
Carol’s daughter loves to swim and play with the turtles after school work is done. Crystal is now 30 years old.
Crystal and Carol walking down Village road 2004. The road quite different now. But most of the same amazing villagers.
Bed-seat on entrance porch where Carol and family all take turns sleeping when the center is too full.
Crystal, growing up in Bali Center, 2002
One of our favorite carvers for the IHF store. He gave many as thank you gifts for helping the children.
Aman Kila Resort that was so generous and helpful to IHF
Danny who gave so much to all the children. Dancing with Joy
And the years go on with generations of children and community. Today at the center they have the great non profit from Australia called CERES helping them with much needed ecology lessons and projects. We look forward to adding more photos of volunteers, donors, and sponsors like you who work on projects with the Bali center’s communities in its coming years.