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IHF Bali operates an Education Center in Buitan Village, Manggis, Bali, located approximately 2 hours away from Denpasar.

English, Math, and Computer classes are run at the center daily, and are available to students ranging from SD1 (first year primary school) to SMA (senior high school). The classes are taught by both local and international volunteers.

Bali Tourism and Poverty

Bali is an island almost completely dominated by tourism. The immense discrepancy between the wealthy and the poor continues to grow, even as tourism booms. This often leaves people who live by traditional means caught in poverty and struggling to survive.

Volunteers at our IHF Bali Center teach the children that there are other possibilities for their futures aside from Bali tourism and poverty. We teach them that the world is open to those who are willing to explore.

Religions in the Bali Center

The IHF Center in Bali is located between a Muslim and a Hindu village. There are no religious barriers within the center and people of all ages, castes, and religions study together freely.

Children at the Bali Center

The children at the Bali Center are mostly from remote villages with little, or no, infrastructure. Access is a major issue for these children, as public transportation only reaches the main roads and many people living in rural villages do not have their own private vehicles.

Programs and Communal Family Structures

While some of our IHF Centers are safe-homes, this is only the case out of necessity. In Bali, communal family structures exist, so children have many mothers and fathers to care for them.

Rather than offer a safe-home, IHF provide schooling and meets other needs of these impoverished children. The children life off site with their communal families who love them. We believe these beautiful communal family structures should not be lost.

By providing free education, a permanent support system, and running additional programs such as free healthcare check-up days, IHF offers the children of Bali a stable platform to gain the confidence and knowledge they need to excel.


Bali Center


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Bali Center

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We are excited to invite everyone for our open house fundraising to ensure every single child gets sponsored. WE MUST MEET THIS GOAL by 2020!

We will be having a fundraising at our center on 30th November and 15th December 2019. You can participate from your home, online as well as at our center.

The main goal of this fundraising is to ensure every child gets sponsored as well as help us reach this goal by participating. 

We are putting the Fun in Fundraising by having the children perform, it will be an exciting day you don’t want to miss. Our tickets will be going for $10 (ksh1000), go ahead and grab yours today! 

We must reach our goal before end of 2020,

We will be having a fun on November and December on holiday. You can participate from your homes and center.

We will be posting weekly progress towards our goal, please help us meet this goal.

You can see how your money goes through lives of children, our older children is a proof.

Friends of IHF please write to email if you want to be part of fundraising online.

Talk with children watch them perform, fun and exciting day we never had before you don’t want to miss

Get them involved

Meet eldest children Joy, Dr. Nelson, our future leaders, thanks to all

Meet our GLD based at the center interact with them to learn and get your questions answered regarding our programs

Entrance base fee/ sign up: $10 per head

Goes to helping base survival

10 cows/calves and 100 chickens to be self sufficient

Have every child sponsored on 15 December for Christmas party

Bali Center


Bali Center



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