IHF Bali operates an Education Center in Buitan Village, Manggis, Bali, located approximately 2 hours away from Denpasar.

English, Math, and Computer classes are run at the center daily, and are available to students ranging from SD1 (first year primary school) to SMA (senior high school). The classes are taught by both local and international volunteers.


Bali Tourism & Poverty

Bali is an island almost completely dominated by tourism. The immense discrepancy between the wealthy and the poor continues to grow, even as tourism booms. This often leaves people who live by traditional means caught in poverty and struggling to survive.

Volunteers at our IHF Bali Center teach the children that there are other possibilities for their futures aside from Bali tourism and poverty. We teach them that the world is open to those who are willing to explore.

Religions in Bali Center

The IHF Center in Bali is located between a Muslim and a Hindu village. There are no religious barriers within the center and people of all ages, castes, and religions study together freely.

Children at Bali Center

The children at the Bali Center are mostly from remote villages with little, or no, infrastructure. Access is a major issue for these children, as public transportation only reaches the main roads and many people living in rural villages do not have their own private vehicles.

Programs and Communal Family Structures

While some of our IHF Centers are safe-homes, this is only the case out of necessity. In Bali, communal family structures exist, so children have many mothers and fathers to care for them.

Rather than offer a safe-home, IHF provide schooling and meets other needs of these impoverished children. The children life off site with their communal families who love them. We believe these beautiful communal family structures should not be lost.

By providing free education, a permanent support system, and running additional programs such as free healthcare check-up days, IHF offers the children of Bali a stable platform to gain the confidence and knowledge they need to excel.


Ongoing Events 

April 2021


After a long period of not seeing the children, due to COVID-19, it was great to have eight of them in the center rehearsing for their school play. Although we had to put in place social distancing regulations, we all managed to have a catch-up, as well as a song and dance to celebrate seeing each other in person once again

Volunteer of the Week: 

Mariska – Our very own volunteer teacher

Mariska has been teaching our university and senior students English online. She was one of our first online teachers, who raised their hand and adapted to our new structure of teaching due to the uncertainty worldwide. She is working hard, whilst using her initiative and delivering excellent lessons for our students. We are so privileged to have Mariska on board, our students our benefitting highly from her classes and mentorship - Thank you Mariska! 

Past Events


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