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Please Note: Our Thailand Centre is not currently accepting volunteers. Please check back in Winter 2020 for available positions.

The IHF Chiang Rai Center is situated on the outskirts of Chiang Rai town. Our center works with the indigenous Hill Tribe people living in the tumultuous borderlands between Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), and Laos, and extending as far as into China and Vietnam.

Lahu and Akha Tribes

The IHF Center in Chiang Rai is a Children’s Home currently serving children from the Lahu and Akha tribes.

The Hill Tribes in Northern Thailand face many challenges, and it is the mission of the IHF Chiang Rai Center to equip our children with the skills, attitudes and character they need to have equal opportunities for their future, like other Thai citizens.

Family Support

IHF Chiang Rai provides a family support network. By providing a safe place to live and giving these children a well-rounded education we hope to empower these children, and alleviate them from marginalization and poverty.

At our IHF home, our children speak Lahu and Akha to their fellow tribesmen and Thai when speaking across tribes.

Most of our children are Christian, with several Buddhist exceptions, both religions being equally accepted at the center.

There is a boys’ dorm and a girls’ dorm joined by a common area, where meals are eaten together as a family, and where the children do their homework.

Learning at the Center

The children are taught English language skills and receive help with homework. The children also get the chance to learn from native English volunteers, which gives them a big advantage over their peers.

Thailand Center

The Thailand Center ( SAVE & IHF)  began in 1984 so has a long history. We look forward to inviting guests and Volunteers from around the world in Spring of 2020. We are closed to them now as we not running our normal programs and activities. We are moving location after many long years and this has been quite an undertaking. We will share below a few photos from our long rich past. We will go more in depth when we do THAILAND FOCUS at our new Open House. Until then, we feel it best to not have guests or volunteers during this period of transition, for the sake of stability. We look forward to seeing you in Spring 2020. 

Thailand Center


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