International Humanity Foundation


Curriculum Team Objective: To develop a curriculum that embraces international standard and is sensitive to local needs. As long as the goals and objectives of curriculum development are clear, great achievement can be done in teaching practice.

Teacher training team objective: To provide training to teachers coming to IHF centers, aligning the international exposure and local needs of education. It is designed to equip teachers with the knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and skills they require to perform their tasks effectively in the classroom, school and wider community.

Class2Class is a small team uniting classes to classes from various countries and across cultural and social divides.

The University Team works closely ( hand in glove) with the Uni- OOTT team and all IHF Interns and its Alumni. At Home or At Center may join. Our goal is to facilitate global leaders in all facets of Higher Education. We believe knowing and understanding diverse cultures, classes, experiences of our world is a part of being well educated today. People intern and participate online from the University and At Centers.

This Medical Team is an exploratory team that is only now starting up again, after years ago being very active. We are beginning the program as the need is so great, but doing it cautiously— exploring these needs and doing small groups of Doctors, nurses, surgeons, Dentists- (once ready), and only seasonally as clinics – rather than the full fledged program we once had. We will always look at where the needs are greatest.

The Enviornmental team is a new experimental “Project in development”. While we have done Ecological Projects in the past as a vital part of various communities needs & teaching the children: we have not had an actual Team. Previous Projects were a result of the expertise of visiting volunteers. They have helped us to do solar powered pumped wells & water purifiers for water collection tanks ,& other solar and wind projects. IHF doesn’t have the knowledge for this. It is guest Volunteer initiative.

This Team has 3 separate arenas. (1) The surveying and collecting of data on IHF Children and their communities as well. (2) Data on Volunteers learning about the Centers Country&culture& Directing ( works with Alumni Team.( 3)The third area is our At Home Volunteers ( Works with At Home Ombuds).

This team gathers and analyzes data from our Web, Classes Test Scores, Graduation rates, Volunteer Surveys, Community Research Etc.

Class/Student Files Team is where we keep track of student registration and test grades and Teachers. This team helps to collect and organize this data.