International Humanity Foundation


This team Assists the CEO This is the “ HR Detectives “. They police the AC and TC spreadsheets: The two sections of the Human Resources Division. They monitor that people are correctly on their teams and chatrooms and properly trained. If there is a problem >> investigate why ( the needed ingredient to solving it).in setting her appointments, helping with Correspondence and other CEO activities such as trainings and interviewing and meetings when the CEO is unable to.

This team makes certain all messages of enquiries are collected from social media team leads and OOTT team leads and appointments set up for Interviews. This includes the main e-mail as well as their Volunteer email box. They set and confirm Interviews , place on Carols Calendar, copy References. They require CV ( but not references) to confirm the Interview and always make certain the CV is attached to the confirmation. They do also reschedule for next shows or connection difficulties.

Chatroom and e-mail box where we send our notes on folks we interview.

This Team sends out the Day After Interview Template and carefully records the type of Volunteer and the teams joining for this applicant. Sends reminders 3 days later when no reply. He/She is helped by trained back-up team mates when needed.

The purpose of this team is to check references once they are supplied by the applicant. This begins the day of the Applicants Interview Confirmation &/ or day after interview takes place if no references were supplies. The request for References is sent only After the interview. References are sent 3 (ABC) reminders. Applicant copied on last sent template. RESCHEDULES are also marked in reference column if it is needed. MOST VITAL TASK OF TEAM IS TO MARK CHART DATE ALWAYS WHEN ANY EMAIL IS SENT.

This team is a part of Reference checking. It does in depth online researching on applicants, and following guidelines marks cleared or notes if problems or concerns that should be discussed with the CEO.

MOU team sends out the MOU within 24 hrs to all applicants the day they are cleared by the Reference Team. They must know the type of Volunteer to know the type of MOU to send. And pay careful attention to if they are local as they then pay no fees. MOU team sends three reminders (one reminder a week) to sign, photo and email back the signed pages (or scan). Then they notify HR Director or CEO of need to Redline (rid) them.

Visa: 1. Assisting coming short-term and long-term volunteers with information on obtaining visa for Indonesia and Kenya, including providing relevant documentation to support the application before their arrival. 2. Providing informations to all at-center Long term volunteers regarding their visa extension. Travel : Coordinating arrival schedule of all volunteers with centers to handle the enquiries of travel arrangements.

This team sends out the email follow up after the MOU is returned signed. It is to make certain their Team Leads have promptly connected and trained them. Always copy the team leads on this email. And a whats app text with email sent to the Lead to please tell us when the training date is for them if not already.

This team transitions a candidate’s data for them that have returned their signed MoU acceptance package from the Acceptance Chart to the Team Chart.

Adding new members to the CHATROOM if not already added. You need to be given Administrative ability on all team chatrooms to be able to do this. You also have to welcome and introduce new members to the group.

This team is for those who wish to help IHF conduct its all important Interviews of Volunteers. It will train you to do so. The team Consists of At Home Interviewers ( from your Home Using Skype, Whatsapp, etc). The team also includes each IHF Centers “At Center Interviewers”. The team Tracks and Updates the training and information regularly.