These are our highlights for the month of May 2022

IHF Jakarta Center is so grateful to receive generous donations from Jakarta Bengali Association (JABA), our relationship has been going on for 5 years and still counting. Before the pandemic, JABA often sent us various kinds of donations as well. As a non-profit organization, IHF is so humbled & grateful for this kindness.

We would like to give an award to Jakarta Bengali Association (JABA) as our token of appreciation. JABA represents Indian expatriates primarily from Bengal and is essentially a platform for upholding and nurturing the rich Bengali tradition, custom, and culture amongst its members and families as well as spreading the same in a multi-lingual, multi-cultural environment in Indonesia. Started 34 years ago by a few enthusiastic families, the organization today, is a vibrant one with an active calendar of events ranging from social, religious, and cultural ones to charitable and sporting events. 

IHF is an organization that supports & is a place for volunteers from all over the world to share & make a good impact on education & society. Therefore we are gladly working together with JABA.

Where the gap between the rich and poor is very huge. Last month we raised funds for Ramadan, we handed over the funds to marginal people – fire victims that happened less than 2km away from IHF Jakarta Center, & we also gave our TEP Children a small token of money in celebration of Ramadan, we call it THR money.

Jakarta Bengali Association (JABA)
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Fundraising Priorities

Happy birthday Jakarta! Wishing you to be a nice home for over 11,000,000 people.. Jakarta is an important alpha world city with major financial institutions such as the Bank of Indonesia, Indonesia Stock Exchange, and corporate headquarters of numerous Indonesian companies and multinational corporations. The city is the home of six Forbes Global 2000 companies, two Fortune 500 companies, and four Unicorn companies, and the city’s GRP was about $483.4 billion USD. It’s the pinnacle of the economy for Indonesians. Unfortunately, it also means mass migration combined with poor sanitation, a lack of housing and transportation issues will further worsen the problems.


Next fundraising activity we’re going to find a company who’s willing to help us by putting a donation drop box at their store, if you are a small business owner or a manager in a big company who’s willing to help please reach out to

The Jakarta Team

This month, Jakarta has …

✓ 8 active volunteers
✓ 1 Intern
✓ 5 Teacher’s Volunteers
✓ 2 At-Home Volunteers

We are looking for some new local volunteers to help us with Fundraising, Event, Media, Curriculum (Class Management), and also Math and English Teachers for online classes.


Volunteer Manuel

Click here to read the Jakarta Centre volunteer manual.