Jakarta Highlights (April 2022)

Apr 22, 2022 | Jakarta

These are our highlights for the month of April 2022

The Indonesian team is busy preparing for the Kartini’s Day event that will happen in the last week of April. We will have an all female webinar speaker from tourism ambassador, business owner, & scholarship degree abroad. What’s going to be exciting is to hear from not just one but two speakers from IHF Children, they are twin sisters Jannesa & Joanne! Are you excited to hear how women support women & we can reach our dreams too regardless of our gender?? Stay tuned!

Have you ever tried fasting before? During this month, our fellow Muslims exercise full month fasting even our young boys & girls also exercise fasting too. It reminds us of our less fortunate fellows who can’t eat and have access to clean water to drink. That’s why we need to be grateful for what we have, conserve clean water, and don’t forget to help less fortunate people. Eid al-Fitr usually celebrated with giving donations and grocery supplies for people in need, if you’d like to do this you can drop them to our Jakarta Center or direct bank transfer to Yayasan Asah Asih Asuh (Bank Mandiri) 006-001-042-030-9.

We are so glad to welcome our new local GLDs Dhea & Wildan. Dhea is going to work for Jakarta Center. She’ll be involved in the Event Coordinator Team, Awards with Writing Editing for their interviews, Mentoring with Educational Mentors, Indonesia Fundraising.
Wildan is going to work for Bali Center. His teams are Media PR, Indonesia Education, Indonesia Mentor, Graphic, Website.

So excited to see the young generation in making this world a better place. You can join us too by clicking, here.

Fundraising Priorities

Ramadan is also symbolized by sharing charity with people in your neighborhood, where some people would share food supplies or money. Celebrate and share Ramadan with us. Send direct food or any kind of daily supplies to our Center, or donate by scanning QR code Yayasan Asah Asih Asuh with your mobile banking app. Donate unique nominal 1 (example Rp 100.001,-) for IHF Medan, 2 (example Rp 100.002,-) for IHF Jakarta, 3 (example Rp 100.003,-) for IHF Bali

By the end of April, we’re going to celebrate Kartini’s Day. We’ve Invited inspirational women speakers and this year we are excited to be including IHF children (girls) to be the speakers too! Where we will listen to these powerful and impactful women/girls. This is an external fundraising event, to join this event you need to:

✓ Donate any amount
✓ Share your donation receipt

Our team will guide you through. All donated money will be used to provide better education for the children.

Please contact or if you’re interested to join! Come & support our girls’ dreams and education!

Last month we were focusing on crowdfunding for Indri. Donated money is sent through our web and through our crowdfunding. There’s always good people out there, they just need to know where to allocate their kindness. Towards the end of March, we received a direct donation to Yayasan Asah Asih Asuh bank account and if combined with donated money through the site, we have achieved our goal! Yippee.. Stay tuned for more update about Indri returning to school!

The Jakarta Team

This month, Jakarta has …

✓ 8 active volunteers
✓ 1 Intern
✓ 5 Teacher’s Volunteers
✓ 2 At-Home Volunteers

We are looking for some new local volunteers to help us with Fundraising, Event, Media, Curriculum (Class Management), and also Math and English Teachers for online classes.

Volunteer Manuel

Click here to read the Jakarta Centre volunteer manual.

Student of the Month

Sofiyan Muhamad Jaiz

I was born in Jakarta on the 9th of June 2002. I’m the second child out of three children in a family of simple traders. I completed my elementary school at SDN 07 Cipinang Muara, Jakarta before continuing my vocational studies at Kemala Bhayangkari 1 Jakarta. Besides my education, I’m a fashion and video editing enthusiast. Long story short, when I went to school I always wanted to be able to speak English and other languages, but couldn’t because of my parents’ economic limitations. I felt that my goals were out of reach until I finally found the International Humanity foundation (IHF). Since then, I have been in IHF for approximately 10 years.

Being an IHF student since the 4th grade, I’ve gained tons of experience while learning new skills. In High School, we get to meet students from different schools where we were able to build an everlasting connection. Even until now, being an IHF alumni, we still keep in touch and meet each other. Besides that, all of the teachers were very kind. They like to tell stories, sharing their own personal experience. Here, I get to live vicariously through their stories about countries outside of Indonesia and alas, learn about their language and culture. Their teaching methods were also amazing. Most teachers provide workshops that hone our skills; both soft and core. Personally, before being in IHF, I wasn’t much of a public speaker. Having a substantial amount of presentation projects, I was able to develop my public speaking ability.

I was also an occasional informal Mathematics teacher in IHF for elementary school children. Here, I further gained more experience. I learnt how to be patient and emotionally aware for kids that young. Through this, I was able to share stories with the kids of this generation and the best teaching methods according to them.

I believe that IHF has given me the right amount of opportunity and facility to further develop my skills. It became my second home where I can learn while having fun and sharing ideas with people around me. Not only do the teachers teach school subjects but also manners. Things that I learnt in IHF are useful and Alhamdulillah now I am a student at Singaperbangsa Karawang State University majoring in Electrical Engineering. I want to thank the teachers who have taught and educated me. It turns out that we can overcome limitations as long as there is a will..