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The IHF Jakarta Center is located in an eastern suburb of Indonesia’s Capital City. The center is in a fairly large house on a quiet street of private houses.

The IHF Jakarta Center is a Children’s Home to a small number of children. The building is also used as an education center, offering free English, Math, Aflatoun and Computer classes on a daily basis.

Poverty in Indonesia’s Capital City

In any capital city, huge disparities between people with different socio-economic backgrounds can be quite prevalent, and Jakarta is no different.

Most of the children who attend the IHF Center come from impoverished families, often travelling 1-2km on foot to get to the center. However, most of them are in reasonably good health, well-nourished, and receiving loving care from their parents and relatives.


Family Structure in Jakarta

About 25% to 50% of our IHF students are born to non-Jakartan parents. Because these families lack the support of immediate family members, the children often miss a year of school while the family transitions from their hometowns to Jakarta.

The current family structure in Jakarta means that sometimes the children do not come to Jakarta until months, and even years later, after the parents have settled into their new life in the capital. These children often have a hard time adapting to the new city’s school system.

If the family suddenly finds themselves struggling financially, the parents may send the children back to the village, which disrupts their educational progress yet again.

To tackle this issue, IHF Jakarta collaborates with the local and expat communities to receive a continuous influx of teaching volunteers to instruct students on different academic levels.

Volunteers also hold a variety of classes and workshops, providing students with the opportunity to experience a well-rounded education in all subjects.

The IHF Jakarta Center is a Children’s Home to a small number of children. The building is also used as an education Center, offering English, Math, Aflatoun and Computer classes on a daily basis.

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About Our Home

The Jakarta center is located in a large house on a quiet street. There are three classrooms
in the house, one for each subject. There are children, other volunteers and local staff
staying at the center. 

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Our Jakarta family has a big goal this coming month. We must get 14 classes sponsored by January 2020. Please help us reach this goal. Do you have 15 friends and relatives that will contribute two dollars a month and together sponsor one of our classes. 

Please talk to you Book club, Fitness club etc….. So we can achieve our goal of 14 Class sponsorships by January 2020!

Jakarta Centre


End of Class… Pass it On

Pass It On Ceremony is the IHF long held tradition. In this semester, Pass It On event was held on 29th of June. We celebrate the end of the class by showing appreciation and providing entertainment for the kids and volunteers. The kids were in awe when they saw the magic trick performed by one of the volunteers. They enjoyed playing the games and watching the volunteers sing together! The kids also declared their Pass It On vows. We hope that in the future they will remember to pass the knowledge and the kindness that they have received from the volunteers in IHF to others.

Parent Health Check

On the 22nd of April, IHF Jakarta held a free Medical Examination and Health Education for the parents. The volunteer for this event, who is a nurse, provided medical screenings and hosted a seminar for the parents on how to keep their body healthy. We held this event because we understand that the parents’ health condition will contribute to the childrens’ wellbeing.

Indonesia Independence Day 

On the 17th of August 2019, Indonesia celebrated its 74th Independence Day. The celebration got very festive in Jakarta Center as we dress up in red and white. First, we sang our national song: Indonesia Raya, wholeheartedly. Next, it’s time for the children and the volunteers to play games! One of the games challenged the kids’ creativity and teamwork as they constructed the highest tower out of random objects.

Teacher Training 

As an organization, we in IHF could not walk alone in our way to pursue our missions and goals. We receive help and support from other companies and organizations in several ways. In this Teaching Training event, the lecturers and the alumni of Sampoerna University visited our center to teach our Teacher Volunteers how to manage a class as well as tips and tricks on teaching English and Math. We are very grateful that they are willing to give us their time to share their knowledge!


Living in the metropolitan city of Jakarta surrounded by buildings, it can be hard for the children to know where their food comes from. In this Peneliti Cilik – Gardening event, one of the volunteers taught the children about the variety of vegetables and how to grow them. The children planted lettuce and later observed the growth of their plants and made a report. The children were enthusiastic and eager to watch their plants gro

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