The IHF Jakarta Center is located in an eastern suburb of Indonesia’s Capital City. The center is in a fairly large house on a quiet street of private houses. The IHF Jakarta Center is a Children’s Home to a small number of children. The building is also used as an education center, offering free English, Math, Computer, and Special classes on a daily basis.

Poverty in Indonesia’s Capital City

In any capital city, huge disparities between people with different socio-economic backgrounds can be quite prevalent, and Jakarta is no different. Most of the children who attend the IHF Center come from impoverished families, often travelling 1-2km on foot to get to the center. However, most of them are in reasonably good health, well-nourished, and receiving loving care from their parents and relatives.

Family Structure in Jakarta

About 25% to 50% of our IHF students are born to non-Jakartan parents. Because these families lack the support of immediate family members, the children often miss a year of school while the family transitions from their hometowns to Jakarta. The current family structure in Jakarta means that sometimes the children do not come to Jakarta until months, and even years later, after the parents have settled into their new life in the capital. These children often have a hard time adapting to the new city’s school system. If the family suddenly finds themselves struggling financially, the parents may send the children back to the village, which disrupts their educational progress yet again.

To tackle this issue, IHF Jakarta collaborates with the local and expat communities to receive a continuous influx of teaching volunteers to instruct students on different academic levels. Volunteers also hold a variety of classes and workshops, providing students with the opportunity to experience a well-rounded education in all subjects.

The IHF Jakarta Center is a Children’s Home to a small number of children. The building is also used as an education Center, offering English, Math, Computer, and Special classes on a daily basis.

Meet the Jakarta Family

This month, Jakarta has 8 active volunteers in total, 1 Intern, 5 Teacher’s Volunteers and 2 At-Home Volunteers. We are looking for some new Local Volunteers to help us with Fundraising, Event, Media, Curriculum (Class Management), and also Math and English Teachers for online classes.


The Jakarta center is located in a large house on a quiet street. There are three classrooms
in the house, one for each subject. There are children, other volunteers and local staff
staying at the center. 

Sponsorship Goal

In Jakarta Center, we have 7 online classes for Math and English Class ranging from 5th Grade Elementary School to 9th Grade Junior High School, and we also have 1 special activity online class. We need your help to fund our classes so we can continue to provide the education for IHF children. By donating $30 a month, you will help us to cover the operational cost needed to keep the class running. Go to our ‘Class Sponsorship’ page and make a donation today!

Class Sponsorship

Although the schools in Jakarta are held online, the kids still have to spend money for their books, internet quota, class materials, and other stuff that they have to provide to continue their learning activity in school. There are several students in Jakarta Center who need a sponsorship to help them to cover these expenses. Give your support for their education by sponsoring a kid today! 

The Education Program

Since the pandemic happened, most of the students in Indonesia are learning via online school. Some of these kids cannot afford to buy the internet data to access online classes. And some of them do not have proper gadgets like laptop or smartphone to access online classes and have to take turns with their siblings or parents to use the smartphone. In order to tackle this issues, last year we created a campaign to raise money to buy internet quota for these children and to collect used gadgets from donors. We have been distributed some of the donations and this month we will continue the campaign to give the internet data for our students. If you want to donate, please send your donation through our ‘Donate Now’ page and let us know the purpose of your donation. 

Donate Now

Ongoing Events

In March, we are planning to hold a webinar for the children. The theme is about the tips and tricks in the job application process, from the CV writing to the interview. The webinar will have two sessions, which will be held on 14th March 2021 and 21st March 2021. We encourage our IHF highschool students and IHF student alumni to attend. IHF volunteers and the people outside of IHF are also welcome to apply. The webinars will focus on the hiring process for fresh graduates. Although in IHF Jakarta we have a number of children who continue their studies to college, there are also a lot of them who decided to get a job right after finishing high school or working while continuing their studies. Therefore, we feel the need to help them to get to know the job recruitment process by organizing this webinar. Hopefully they will be better prepared for their upcoming job recruitment process.

This month we open a new online class for 6th grade elementary students. Our volunteer, Asmaa, will teach English for this class. The kids are enthusiastic to have their online English Class! Last month we opened a new online Math Class for 6th grade elementary students. Our previous local volunteer, Jefri, became the teacher for this class. His students are excited to be in the class since they can meet their friends and teacher online. Besides Math Class for 6th Grade, we also have Math and English classes for 5th grade elementary students teached by Farah. She is truly dedicated to her class and always gives her best. Her students is happy to have her as a teacher! For 8th and 9th grade junior high, we have Evelyn who teaches the online Math Class. She is very patient to her students and very passionate. Her student must be lucky to have her as their teacher! We also have a 9th grade junior high online English Class. Pingkan is the teacher for this class. Her class must never be boring since she always tries a new way to teach English, like singing together and playing games.

This month we will continue our campaign in internet data donation. Each kid will receive around US$ 3.5 to buy internet data. Some donations that we have received last year have been distributed to the children. If you want to donate, you can send your donation through our ‘Donate Now’ page. You can also send your used gadget to our Center to be given to our children who have no proper gadget to access online class.

We have another volunteer who ties the knot this month. Hilal, our long-time volunteer had a wedding ceremony at the beginning of March. We are truly happy and excited. We wish him a long marriage filled of happiness and love.

Past Events

February is the month full of love. We are so happy and excited to get a happy news from two of our board members, Ade and Ayu. Ade and Ayu have known each other through IHF. They have been with IHF since the earliest moment of IHF Jakarta. They fall in love during their time as the volunteer in IHF and later Ade asks Ayu’s hand in marriage. And they finally tie the knot on 21st February 2021. The wedding also aired live for their friends and relatives who cannot attend their wedding. There were so many happy tears and joy during the ceremony. All of us in IHF wish a long happy marriage for Ayu and Ade!

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