Medan Highlights (April 2022)

Apr 23, 2022 | Medan

These are our highlights for the month of April 2022

This month its a holy month of Muslim and we are happy, because we are having Ramadan. Indonesia has many religions living peaceful side by side. It is rare for us to have conflict between religions as in other countries. This month, we Muslim of Indonesia are doing fasting on Ramadan for a month. Our holy Koran teaches us we are not Muslim if we don’t respect all religions and science too. We fast and don’t eat so we remember what it is like to be here bery inside yet have no food. We eat at night so the frail don’t get sick, but during the day when we are used to eating and our hunger calls to us and wants to cheat: this is good, so we never forget and leave out the hungry. We are taught to go hungry and remember them and always share the food and blessings or we are not Muslim. This Ramadan is a beautiful practice and reminder. We are also taught to be only peaceful and not tense or upset during Ramadan. For just this one month, see if you can go a month mot getting angry at anyone. Study the sky, breathe, be peaceful just this month. This is lovely Ramadan.

Around our Medan Center we are looking so busy and having traffic jam some other time because many of people sales some little snack and food for open or break their fasting at night time. Loud and noisy but joyful too. Singing, chatting, prayers. People are coming from anywhere to buy some snack or food they likes.

For classes : We were so happy to be able to start Center Classes again after two years of COVID mandated closed so only online teaching (online impossible for children with no internet). We were going to close classes for Ramadan as normal but the students ask for having these free classes still, even though it’s their holiday and hungry fasting days.

So, even though normally not active during Ramadan month, the English Class on Wednesdays will continue. We are not sure about the other classes as we don’t want to be rude. Also, yesterday we had a visitor at the Medan Center (Adiva Lituhayu and Abizaki Astagina). Both of them are our TEP students. They came with their mom’s for given their thank you letter for their sponsor. It’s a such nice feeling. Having visits at long last from the students– since we had no activities during COVID-19 pandemic at the Medan Center. The government has to do this for so long for our safety but how sweet to slowly see us being able to open again, even if we must keep spaced and only a few. We miss classes of 600 students in person. Online isn’t the same. And as we slowly see each other again in person: such joy.

Fundraising Priorities

Our challenge in all of our Indonesian centers, as mentioned many times before, is the impoverished community of children who cannot afford computers or the internet. We are always seeking any donation, of any amount, to help in this very important endeavour.

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Volunteer Manuel

Click here to read the Medan Centre volunteer manual.


As time goes by, we have passed six months of this year. Pandemic is still going on and almost all of our activities are online. This month, our students have had their final examination in their school and a holiday is coming. Our volunteers always try to do their best even though it was so difficult to make a big impact for Medan Center children. But we are so grateful that we can continue and make events for the IHF Medan Center!

As it is still pandemic, we only opened online classes for our children for Junior and Senior High School. This month, our children study English and are taught by our Local Volunteers as their teachers. The class is doing with the Google Meet application.

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