IHF operates an Education Center in the Indonesian city of Medan.

The IHF Medan Center has the highest number of students attending classes on a regular basis. The center offers daily English, Computer, and Math classes for students, ranging from SD1 level (first year primary school) to SMA (senior high school) level. There are also IHF Education Program (TEP) students who live in Patumbak, a small, impoverished village outside of Medan.

Medan’s Diverse Communities

Medan is the third largest city in one of Indonesia’s main islands, Sumatra. The city has diverse communities that reflect its cultural history. Many tribes call Medan home including the Bataknese, Javanese, Melayunese, Chinese, Indian, Acehnese, and Padangnese. No other city in Indonesia has the unique cultural diversity that Medan offers.

Family Structure

Many of our students are raised in single-parent families, either by single mothers (whose husbands are deceased) who work as housemaids, pedi-cab drivers, or other laborers who make below-living wages.

With this type of family structure it is difficult for people to offer their family financial security, especially when their entire income is solely dependent on whether they are able to find customers each day. Some of the students who attend our IHF Medan Center have no other option but to live with their grandparents after their parents abandon them.

At IHF Medan Center our goal is to help the children from these impoverished families be the next great leaders by expanding their knowledge and confidence through academic and social development. We want to help raise them up to be adults who will be competitive applicants for successful positions that will make a difference within their communities, allowing them to break the poverty cycle once and for all.



Ongoing Events

May is a very special month for IHF children and our Muslim volunteers because Ramadan is set on May 12, 2021. Likewise with the environment around Medan Center, previously people fasted for 30 days. The atmosphere on the highway is very busy when it is time to break the fast, many people sell takjil, as well as people who are buyers. But they don’t forget to wear masks to prevent transmission of the Coronavirus. Besides that on the same day, Christian people in Medan celebrate the Ascension Day of Jesus. We can see the tolerance of religious communities in our area.

The upcoming event that  will be held is Open Book Donation for Medan Center. These donations are open to the public and the books obtained will be collected as part of the IHF Medan library.  This donation is open on June. Then the students and volunteers can borrow the books. 


As stated above we will still conduct our online English classes for Nazifa Kindergarten school teachers and Coffienatics staff since gatherings are still prohibited due to the pandemic. We believe online classes will add value to the community and keeping us together until we officially open our activities as before.

Past Events

“After a pitch dark night, comes a new beautiful morning” ☀️– R.A.Kartini-


Raden Ajeng Kartini was born on April 21,1879. Her birthday is then commemorated as Kartini’s Day to honor her services to the Indonesia people. She is a prominent Javanese and and national Indonesian hero. Kartini was struggle and fought about feminist matters and revealed her dream of the balance and equality between women and men ‘s rights in Indonesia, especially in education section. 


Through her courage, she succesfully expanded women’s mobility and built free space for women to aspire their rights. The results of Kartini’s thoughts, resistance, and struggles in the past gave a strong meaning to modern-day woman

Not only for woman, but Kartini’s fighting spirit also Inspires us, women and men, to dare to fight for our dreams and defend those who are oppressed. Are you the one of those people of change?


Happy Kartini’s Day! May the spirit of Kartini empowers us to be an independent, dedicated, powerful, and unstoppable human being!


  1. Adult classes: Nazifa and Coffeeniatics

The adult online classes are progressing very well, all students are showing great enthusiasm and making great strides. The participants in the Nazifa class are currently reading a book. This improves their reading, spelling skills and sentence construction abilities. During the sessions we take time to discuss meanings of certain words and what the particular extract is explaining. Students showcase their reading skills and are impressive. 


The participants of the Coffeenatics are mainly focusing on the language structural skills. They are grasping these concepts very well and are eager to learn. We construct challenging worksheets for them and they tackle them with great precision. Credit must go to all that have contributed to helping them thus far, they are doing exceptionally well.  


  1. The children’s classes 

These classes include Junior High School and Senior High School class. The children are learning English and personal mentorship. Not much progress has been made as the team is experiencing challenges locating students who have good internet connectivity. However, plans to fundraise for students have been put in place to ensure that no child is left behind. Besides teaching English, we are helping the children by doing mentorships in other areas; time management, career, and building up the motivation are priorities as well as the academic.


  1. Eid al-Adha is celebrated as one of the biggest events in Indonesia, especially in Moslem communities. The act of Qurbani consists of slaughtering an animal as a sacrifice to mark this occasion in remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim’s sacrifice for Allah SWT. This is also known as Udhiya. The days of animal sacrifice total three days, from the 10th to the 12th of Dhu-al-Hijjah.

The Qurbani meat is then divided into three equal portions per share; one-third is for you and your family, one-third is for friends, and the final third is to be donated to those in need. We would like to say a big thank you for all donors for their donations to Medan Center, from that we bought a goat for sharing the happiness to the families of our children. 

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