Medan, Sumatra


IHF operates an Education Center in the Indonesian city of Medan.

The IHF Medan Center has the highest number of students attending classes on a regular basis. The center offers daily English, Computer, and Math classes for students, ranging from SD1 level (first year primary school) to SMA (senior high school) level. There are also IHF Education Program (TEP) students who live in Patumbak, a small, impoverished village outside of Medan.

Medan’s Diverse Communities

Medan is the third largest city in one of Indonesia’s main islands, Sumatra. The city has diverse communities that reflect its cultural history. Many tribes call Medan home including the Bataknese, Javanese, Melayunese, Chinese, Indian, Acehnese, and Padangnese. No other city in Indonesia has the unique cultural diversity that Medan offers.

Family Structure

Many of our students are raised in single-parent families, either by single mothers (whose husbands are deceased) who work as housemaids, pedi-cab drivers, or other laborers who make below-living wages.

With this type of family structure it is difficult for people to offer their family financial security, especially when their entire income is solely dependent on whether they are able to find customers each day. Some of the students who attend our IHF Medan Center have no other option but to live with their grandparents after their parents abandon them.

At IHF Medan Center our goal is to help the children from these impoverished families be the next great leaders by expanding their knowledge and confidence through academic and social development. We want to help raise them up to be adults who will be competitive applicants for successful positions that will make a difference within their communities, allowing them to break the poverty cycle once and for all.


Ongoing Events

Online English Classes

We continue Conducting Online English Classes for Nazifa Kindergarten School teachers. This online class is aimed at helping the teachers to improve their english skills so that they will be able to speak english as a daily languange. For the english class they sponsor some classes.

Sharing the Happiness: Donation for Humanity

A fundraising project named “Sharing the Happiness: Donation for Humanity. This project aims to help and support society affected by the COVID 19 pandemic by providing donations in the form of basic foods, cash in hand, etc. We do hope that through this project, we could help them in fulfilling their basic needs during this difficult time and increase people’s awareness.

Past Events

Music Class

On March, our volunteers brought the students to the Music Studio. It was a fantastic experience for them because it was the first time they learned music in a real Music studio. Angel, Marcell, Theona, Nancy, and Wandy were very excited about this experience.

Visiting Tourism Place

On March, Medan Center Team visited the large Chinese Temple in Medan with our work-study volunteer Sue from England. It was a very enjoyable trip and we were happy to show our international volunteers some attractions in our city. 

Coffenatics: Conversation Class

Our program with teaching English to coffee shop staff, “Coffeenatics” will go into the next round: As our contract with our sponsor Coffeenatics in Medan would have ended at the end of March, they have now extended the contract with sponsoring our classes for another three months. We are so happy and thankful for that and really appreciate their trust in us.


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