IHF has been working in Kenya since the late 90’s with the marginalized tribes in East Pokot. Our IHF Nakuru Center is a safe Children’s Home offering care to orphaned youth and children whose parents are unable to support them, due to extreme levels of poverty.

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Guess what? Kenya has started opening schools for candidate students, grade 8 and form 4s, who are

going to sit for exams next year in March. Our candidates are back at the center and have been going to

school since 12 th October. This may also mean that the rest of the children could be opening schools

soon, the government is planning to do this between 26 th October and 2 nd November if all goes

accordingly. However, corona virus has spiraled in Kenya since the opening of schools and so we are not

sure what steps the government may take regarding this situation.

The weather in Kenya has been favorable and we have planted more vegetables this month. This has

helped us to save up on food and also balance our nutrition. We have been planning to extend our farm

so we can cater for the entire center and be self-sustainable. Our cows have been having challenges

producing milk because they were sick but they are slowly recovering, this may have been due to

frequent weather changes. The chickens are also increasing in numbers and we soon have to build a

poultry house to keep them secure.

With the children coming back, the Kenya team has been trying to prepare and organize for them. Our

team may start recruiting new volunteers and staff soon to cater for the children. Due to other

engagements, we regret to inform you that one of our Directors Amiel has resigned but he will remain

involved in some of our activities to provide his much needed skills and support. We wish him well in his

future endeavors.

We would like to extend our gratitude for helping the children despite the global challenges we have all

been facing and the continued support that you have given.

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Nakuru Team receiving donations from Red Cross

Nakuru Center



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Of The Week

This is a true excitement of IHF children exhibiting in this video below. They came to the centre when they were barely little girls, look now how big they have grown are now!

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