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IHF has been working in Kenya since the late 90’s with the marginalized tribes in East Pokot. Our IHF Nakuru Center is a safe Children’s Home offering care to orphaned youth and children whose parents are unable to support them, due to extreme levels of poverty.


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Nakuru Center

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Greetings from IHF-Kenya,

We would like to extend our gratitude for the support that we have been getting from our community and sponsors during this pandemic. Our children are in Pokot where the pandemic has not yet reached, they will report back to the center as soon as the situation is calm.

We have two children, two staff member and our Director currently running the center to ensure it is secure and in order. Kevin Kiptoo and Barack Omari are the two children who have remained and have been helping with center upkeep by getting involved in taking care of the cows, chickens and clearing of the land.

They have also been doing their studies with the help of our teacher training local volunteers and mentors who have been taking their time to help them. We have also taken this time to fence the open areas of the center so that people cannot trespass and to also avoid the pigs from devouring our crops. This has helped us to start doing agricultural activities, we have planted vegetables and trees on the land.

Our goal is that by the time all the children are back we will be doing large scale farming and be self-sufficient in terms of food. We were hoping that by September the children will be back in school but the government has recently announced that schools will resume in January 2021. This means that we have to find ways of supporting our children from their homes during this period, we have contacted most of them to try and find out if we can do mentorship and training programs online. We are still trying to find a solution for this and will be keeping you updated.

Thank you again for the support and participation in keeping our centers running and children safe.

Best regards,

Kenya Center Team

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Nakuru Team receiving donations from Red Cross

Nakuru Center



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Volunteer from Italy

I was lucky enough to visit the International Humanity’s Foundation Kenya Centre for three weeks in August 2019. It was my first time visiting Africa as a whole and working with a grassroots NGO, so the prospect was very exciting and also nerve wracking! I arrived early morning and got picked up from the airport by another volunteer, he drove me up to Nakuru. The journey took about 4 hours and it was an amazing way to see and really begin to imagine what life is like in Kenya. On arrival there were several friendly faces to welcome me, and I was shown to my room to rest until I was ready to get stuck into the centre. Over the next few weeks I really settled into the centre, and immersed myself in the culture.

During my time at the centre there were a range of opportunities to support the centre as a whole, this included assisting students during their prep, liasing with other members of staff and maintaining the centres grounds. I learnt the value and importance of using your own initiative and thinking creatively in regard to making a sustainable, long term and positive impacts within the centre itself, this has allowed me to continue to support IHF even after my volunteering experience on the ground.

Similarly, whilst in Nakuru I explored the local areas and took some time out to become a tourist, this allowed me to go on my very first safari around Lake Nakuru, which was spectacular! Overall, the experience was one of a kind, but particularly the most enjoyable part was getting to know the students at the centre, they all had such big personalities, it was amazing to get to know each and every one of them! With this, on reflection I am so glad I had the opportunity to spend some time with some truly amazing people, of which the centre is full of! And I’m excited to continue to support IHF and the wonderful students that they inspire.

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This is a true excitement of IHF children exhibiting in this video below. They came to the centre when they were barely little girls, look now how big they have grown are now!

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Nakuru Center


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