International Humanity Foundation


General Online Outreach Task Team (GOOTT) is IHF’s driving wheel. We post volunteer adverts through different websites to reach out to different people and groups wishing to volunteer with IHF based at one of the centers or from home.

UniOOTT gathers popular volunteer and Intern posting sites for Universities around the world. They post on the Sites and keep updated.

HOOT- HIGHSCHOOLS online outreach task team. HOOT reaches out to International IB and other Highschool’s that take an active role in Global Education and interact with IHF. At Home Highschool Students and Teachers , Parents, Administrators. This is a wonderful team that is starting up once again.

Poot is fun to say. This is the Personal Online Outreach Team. Team mates learn how to reach out to Volunteers for IHF in their Personal Career or Interest areas. In this way it helps IHF while also helping volunteers to learn more about and make contacts worldwide in their particular career or interest areas.

Retired Online Outreach Team ( Root) reaches out online to all Senior Citizen Volunteers and the organizations that work with them. Also doing live Presentations to Retirement Centers ( working with the Fundraising Team) and Travel Agencies for Seniors and civic Groups and Senior Specific groups are Universities and in most cities and countries, such as AARP etc. Senior Citizens and Retirees of ALL ages , make marvelous Volunteers both At Home and At Center.

Formal Online Outreach Team is done by CEO Administrative Assistants and specifically trained GLD and At Home Volunteers who reach out to and communicate regularly with, present and potential partners and Formal cooperative relationships.

Teams Mission: The Web-search team main goal is making relationship between IHF and other organizations. We are working with local, international, and at home Volunteer to search Volunteering and welfare organisation based on countries, international companies located in Indonesia, organisation based on professions, organisations based on Cities.