International Humanity Foundation


Our purpose is to uphold and promote the wonderful reputation of IHF and all of its continued efforts. Working alongside the other teams, we respond to any crises and create press releases to celebrate successes, contribute to editing and copywriting and continually research organisations, publications and individuals (who align with IHF’ s ethos) to outreach in order to raise awareness. We are also responsible for obtaining testimonials from previous volunteers.

Consists of any wonderful At Home Volunteer that is interested, along with Writers, Graphic Designers and each IHF Centers’ Newsletter Rep. The NL team uses the collected video clips, sound clips, Photos, and Interviews of our Volunteers and Children to create its Newsletter. It uses each IHF Centers Weekly Media Reports that highlight Children, center Activities, Volunteer’s, and Center Award winners. This Newsletter team also Highlights IHF International Activities through a few of IHFs 50 + Task Teams activities. It also highlights one or more of the wonderful At Home Volunteers keeping these Teams actively helping IHF. The Newsletter always focuses on Fundraising goals, needs and Activities.

Teams Mission: The IHF Social Platform uses amazing At Home Volunteers around the world to reach our message to all people through ALL PLATFORMS familiar in ALL CULTURES. This includes blogs podcasts & all social media. This amazing At Home Volunteers work with our At Center Children, their Communities, & Volunteers: sharing the PASS IT ON spirit of IHF online. Must be familiar with social media. A few members speak various languages & are familiar with the various platforms in their countries.

This valuable Fundraising Team is broken down into fundraising task groups. Each group meets monthly online to access and further plan fundraising activities. They use chat and emails between. The team is made up of many At Home volunteers from around the world, getting to know the Center Volunteers as well as Children and their communities.

Working closely with all other teams, this group produces and curates promotional materials (brochures, posters, flyers and so on) to facilitate the fundraising efforts and the constant social media push. All materials should be consistent with the IHF logo and colours. Tasks will be listed and circulated for those to offer their expertise if available.

This is where we collect our cinema & Phone Video clips from our Children and Volunteers—-Needing more Volunteers to help edit and improve.

The Translation team improves translation for our Website and Newsletter, Promotional Materials, etc. Some members also work with the Social Media team to help maintain social media platforms most relevant to particular countries and in Particular languages. Such as China , Saudi Arabia etc.

The Grants Team consists of At Home Volunteers and others who research grants and In Kind Gift donations applicable to IHF centers, and gather the data needed in order to then set about applying for these. A very important team for IHF. Anyone may join.

This Group helps to maintain and update our website daily and deal with other IT issues such as our mailing system and Chatroom systems. There is always a great need for help on this team. They help the IT needs of our over fifty teams.

This is the Team for Writers of articles (for Web, newsletters& publication— as well as those clever for advertising layout and wording ( for GOOT etc).

Members of the templates team organize all team templates that are copied to here by date and subject for easy access and records.