International Humanity Foundation


Task Team Placement (TTP) is the Human Resources Division that looks after the well being of IHF Members. Any At Home Volunteers is helpful to this team along with Experts in Teaching the teachers ( or Leadership Training ) and Instruction Development. TTP Consists of four types of members that utilize non experts and experts in their Roles:

[A] Transitioners (doesn’t require expertise)

[B] INSTRUCTORS (Requires expertise)

[C] MONITORS (does not require expertise. )

[D] OMSBUDS ( does not require expertise. )

[E] ACV and AHV

( does not require expertise: All At Center Volunteers and All At Home Volunteers eligible. The TTP Teams these three roles work with are explained below. Teams under the TTP Division of HR are :

Teams under the TTP Division of HR are :
OMSBUDS for AHV ( At Home Volunteers)
OMSBUDS for ACV ( At Center Volunteers)
Volunteer Certificate and Awards Team
Volunteers Surveys&Research Team
Hello Goodbye ACV
Alumni Team
Voluntourist Team

This team requires ten or more active At Home Volunteers called MONITORS who each oversee up to ten IHF team mailboxes and chatrooms. They make sure the Team INSTRUCTIONS ( both written and Video) are clear as to tasks to sign up for under each Team and how to do these tasks). Instruction Team members called INSTRUCTORS help to create , update and maintain these Intructions working with the team LEADS AND MEMBERS. TTP Members that are called MONITORS differ from Instructors in that their main task is to check monthly in the condition of the Team mailboxes assigned to them. That the mailbox is being used for all tasks properly and emails, files and instructions well organized.

This team updates the Team Leads, members and Descriptions Charts Daily and disseminates to GLD Directors team Chatroom and to Team Leads Chatroom. TRANSITIONERS do this team along with Chatroom upkeep and AC to TC team.

These special ( Omsbuds) are ALUMNI or At CENTER Volunteers. Best to have one working with Overseas Volunteers to centers and another OMSBUDS to work with Local ACV (At Center Volunteer’s. The both look after the well being of IHF At Center Volunteers respectively. They do this by working closely with the Hello Goodbye Team and Contacting the ACV twice monthly before their arrival to see how they are doing with their Visas and Travel arrangements, if they are hearing weekly from their IHF Center prior to arrival , have seen ala video calls the center and members children and surroundings. If they have read the Center Manuals and have been assigned Team ( s) . The OMSBUDS asks the ACV If they feel properly informed and instructed or are having any problems. Are they getting to know the Center they will be living at prior to arrival ? Is there anything IHF can help them with? Once the ACV is at the center the OMSBUDS Keeps in touch with them weekly the first month and after that monthly. All ACV OMBUDS have been at Centers or familiar with and are divided amongst the carefully selected and vetted OMSBUDS members.

These special ( Omsbuds) At Home Volunteers look after the well being of ALL IHF At Home Volunteers. Contacting them monthly to see how they are doing on their Team (s) . If they feel properly instructed or are having any problems. Are they getting to know and enjoying their team mates? Would they like to try a different team? Is there anything IHF can help them with? All AH are divided amongst the carefully selected and vetted OMSBUDS members.

Volunteer Certificate and Awards Team is an important part of TTP. All Volunteers At our Centers ( of all Volunteer Catagories) receive a Certificate upon completion. This is very important. We also give out special Awards Monthly ala our Newsletter and Website and also post these at our Centers. We send these Awards to the Loval Media of the Volunteers Home City or Provence/State and also to the Alumni Division of their University. ( NOTE – Our children also receive Monthly Awards but this is handled by the Centers separately from this Volunteers Award Team.

This team works with the other research and survey teams but is exclusively for Volunteers rather than research on our Communities, Tribes, and Children. Their Surveys and research is in our Volunteers At Home and At Center and works hand in glove with the Alumni Teams research and upkeep of Alumni’s.

This team works with the Certificste-Awards Team as well as the Survey Team and Omsbuds, but this Teams specific ( Hello Goodbye) task is to make sure the Pre Arrival and Arrival packets have been sent to all ACV ( At Center Volunteers) and well as the Goodbye Check off list received from the IHF Center they are leaving and their Goodbye letter sent prior to departure.

This team is responsible for keeping in touch with the wonderful Alumni of IHF. Our goal is to keep in touch with the best of our Volunteers. Highlighting in our Newsletter what they are doing and tracking what we did right— and wrong that they have found most helpful. Then looking at how we can make the changes helpful from this information. Alumni for contact and to survey are being divided between team members for contact beginning with the present year always, then going back year by year. Done at least once a year.

This team needs people in the Travel industry as well as our At scented Volunteers, Community Members and At Home Volunteers. The Voluntourists Team is a part of both the AC ( Acceptance) Division of HR and TTP. This team focuses on Families and Individuals that come to our Centers simply for Vacation and prefer to stay at our centers and get to know the Communities rather than in an isolated Hotel with commercial tourist displays. These Tourists do not believe in the Zoo like voyerism quality of some aspects of Tourism. This program believes in the sanctity of cultures and tribes and elusive yet powerful effects ( good and bad both) of enculturation. Our Voluntourists vacation amongst our communities and get to know them, hanging out and exploring living with them. We are keenly aware they are here to relax not Volunteer and to see the history and cultural aspects relevant to these populations. They Children and Grandparents have the opportunity to share what they love and are proud of as they are comfortably doing so and is natural. Because this is not an active Volunteering Role but more a Friendship and Supporter role we keep the Time allowed to under one month. The Voluntourist is donating to IHF through their visit and helping our programs , seeing our programs , but not participating other than as a viewer ( unless special arrangements are made).