Did you know you can volunteer from your home or at our centers?
We believe everyone from all walks of life have a special gift to share.

International Humanity Foundation (IHF) is seeking forward-thinking, dynamic individuals of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in learning from impoverished and marginalized groups to contribute to our Children’s Homes and Education Centers.

We nurture leaders with cross-cultural experiences and respect for different cultures, who make decisions that serve and positively impact, promote, and protect the dignity and humanity of people everywhere.

Volunteers receive an official certificate upon completion of service!


IHF’s at-home volunteers have the choice to “Go Pink” when they need to take temporary time off from service for anywhere from one month to a year. Your name will be highlighted in pink and put on hold until you are ready to return. You may need to go on pink to cope with illness, go on sabbatical, tend to children, or handle any other unexpected life events.

We encourage our volunteers to “Go Pink” to allow IHF to keep it’s family of volunteers for many years and reduce the workload involved with training new members.



My time at IHF’s Nakuru center was unfortunately cut short due to a family emergency, however, during my brief time I had the incredible opportunity to see this amazing organization’s work in action. The moment you arrive at the center you recognize it as a home and the people who work and live there as a family. The volunteers and staff were all very friendly in their greetings and open to helping me converse in Kiswahili. It was very nice to meet the children at the center. I spent a lot of time with the youngest child in residence who very sweetly and consistently demanded cartoons. I also had the opportunity to meet my mentee, Mercy. We had a lot of fun playing card games on my last day. It was lovely to meet all the children and to feel like one of the family. Overall, despite my short stay in Nakuru I gained memories that will last a lifetime and I will continue to support the organization from afar by being an at-home volunteer. I will continue helping by organizing fundraisers and supporting the public relations work of the organization.


Hello! My name is Budi. I joined IHF as a volunteer teacher when I was in the second terms at the Local University. I was teaching Aflatoun the Social and financial education and English.

I study Nonformal Education and feel very excited to share and implement the lesson from University. Day by day through cheerful day at the center, I was interested to be Co-director and helped Lissa and Siti to manage the center.

I like playing instruments, Guitar, Drum, Bass, and Cajon. Do you know? I am involving the children to sing together at the center!

As a Volunteer I am trained to be a leader of society by joining IHF. Global Leadership development is a perfect program for me and other young people in Indonesia and all over the world to improve their skills and leadership.

I learnt a lot of lessons from IHF even from the children. Leadership, management, education, Budget and many more. I believe that Education is the key of life changing. Come join me and other GLD at IHF, let’s make an impact!


I have joined and worked with IHF since 2014, but took a break after some time to finish my studies. My interest of working in NGO, Education and with the children makes me come back to Medan Center.

I started as a Local volunteer then GLD. It made me knows about IHF working system better by time and this experience is good to share with our new volunteers about how IHF works.

I’m interested in teaching and working with children and being in IHF is a good decision for me. I have experience as an English teacher in one of international schools in Medan, although actually I’m basically a dentist.

Sometimes providing a free dental check up for the student’s parents and the children gives me a little happiness since dental check up is quite high in this country.

I’m just happy to be able to share what I can to people that helping others won’t be always in material by giving them money, but also could be with the skill and service to reduce others’ difficulty.